Slender: The Arrival’s Real Story? (Theory)


We may be slightly late with the whole Slenderman thing… But I’m honestly surprised not many have spoken about the back story of Slenderman …


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  1. vaht is slender man for animal?

  2. StebrauXDude says:

    Hey the german Word Verzweiflung means distress so I hope I help you a little bit :)

  3. Pikachu says:

    0:19 in the window is FUCKING slenderman

  4. wow yay more facts I know now about slender

  5. aeryn diaz says:

    That is masky and hoodie the proxies of slender

  6. Is this real life

  7. I am now making my window a wall

  8. Drakle 42 says:

    Did you notice these dermal in the window of the picture

  9. Drakle 42 says:

    Ps I love the fat rat

  10. He sounds like Grian!

  11. I looked at the comments and a ton of people thought he sounds like Grian and I have to agree

  12. Video Wizard says:

    Crap now I'm not gonna sleep for weeks

  13. Ilove butter says:


  14. THIO 123 says:

    Hah! Who needs sleep anyway? Right? RIGHT?!

    I'm gonna nightmare ;_;

  15. ED ZILLI says:

    lol lol lol lol lol lol:-)

  16. mostly kate burned to death

  17. Chaotic Link says:

    You guys wouldnt believe me but here goes. one of the teachers at my school has a friend that is the creator of slender. MAZIN' RIGHT? :D

  18. Gus from rooster teeth at the beginning

  19. Tom GoesMad says:

    8:20, maggies diary on the right was written on my birthday :D

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