Sniper The Suicide Mission – AMAZING DOCUMENTARY FILMS


Sniper The Suicide Mission-AMAZING DOCUMENTARY FILMS Snipers normally have extremely discerning or customized training and also utilize crew-served …


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  1. at 1;18 it looks like they kill a citizen,,hes blown apart,,,a white man is chex shirt,,this is there targets,,this is a citizen,,,the soldiers are brainwashed and trained by there military to kill enemies that they determine are enemies,,this could even be you,,,america is being changed into a socialist state,,this means the citizens could be made into enemies of the state,,governments have turned on there own citizens before many times in history,,,it starts with a leader who changes the belief in there constitution,,then makes unjust laws against the citizenry,,then passes laws to disarm the citizens to make sure they cannot put together malitias and small fighting units to defend themselves and country against the state,,then they start to arrest the thinkers and intellegencia of the population,,men who could lead a rebelion against the state in times of tyranny,,,then the people will be slaughtered in mass killings as the state distrusts the poplulations and makes them slaves,,they give them numbers and made to work in industry as slaves,,the state is then total tyranny,,,this is the blue print that the united states is going to in this day and age,,,,

  2. Psyta atysP says:

    showing explicit glorified violence but censor "bad" words like shit….murica ;D

  3. very good but what about Carlos Hathcock??????

  4. What about Chris Kyle

  5. Wer Fghyuiop says:

    вбивство-це гріх.

  6. Cuda man says:

    retarded people call snipers cowards these guys use skill n smarts to save lives there heroes there amazing.

  7. these guys are something else goodluck to em all .



  10. WotN.Chow says:

    um, the first guys story seems a lot like the plot from American Sniper, which was based on chris kyle, not that dude o_o.

  11. anyone else think a sniper and a spotter defeats the point

  12. so if they have the 250,000 bounty on the US marine, plus his rifle, why not trick them into thinking they captured his rifle? Meanwhile the gun is filled every spare mm with thermite or something more lethal for a nice little present to those bastages. Mukmed is showing off the rifle to 5 or 10 of his pals and BOOM! Mukmed slushy! a nice pile of bloody meat, cheap.

  13. Probably another American bullshit  Hollywood story .

  14. Lee Randall says:

    Where is Craig Harrison, Household Cavalry, not 1 but 2 confirmed kills at 1.5 MILES (2,475m) in Helmand in 2009, The longest confirmed kill before that was a Canadian Rob Furlong ????

  15. jp lattimore says:

    Because they wanted to kill her badly ,,just that simple,,,,,she had cut there friend,, and they both wanted revinge

  16. The demo they did at 58:50 was so inaccurate. They took aim at a non moving targets at a specific range they set up. The actual shoot was at a moving car that was closing in at a good clip, and the other targets were also moving after the vehicle's driver was eliminated. "the same deadly precision"?? Not even close. If they had put the car on a wire and towed it -better demo.

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