Snoop Dogg Explains How He Sold His Soul to the Devil

20 Snoop Dogg Explains How He Sold His Soul to the Devil in the Song “Murder Was the Case”


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  1. The Hotdog says:

    Satan will of for you everything and god won't offer anything but then it's like being a salve for the devil or be free and live with god and jesus

  2. PS4 Gaming says:

    guys, join the illuminati. it's really not that bad. sure you have to drink baby blood, but you gotta try everything at least once right? plus you get money.

  3. these celebrities don't know what they're getting into, the devil is not there friend he wants your soul he wants power over all. once you sell your soul your life is over no more you . after your physical Body dies your not going where you rather be , it's scary knowing they know where they're going after the afterlife .. oh well life goes on the devil deceives all .

  4. Sherwaine TV says:

    this song concept came from the short film he did in the early 90's with dre and death row. which was about selling out to the industry but they took it in the literal sense of selling your soul to the devil. whether or not you believe this is symbolising him actually selling his soul is debatable. The song is written for visual consumption and for what was going on in that time period it was fitting to say the lease. i think he later came to find death row was the actual devil lol … "terrible joke i know"

  5. Truth B Told says:

    kanye west recently spoke out against the system on so many levels on tour and got forcibly sent to a mental hospital for it. he called out the media for lying to the people about trump. he said the school systems are broken on purpose. he said jay z had hit men and much more. this illuminati puppet house nigga called him crazy. when katt williams started speaking too much truth, snoop dogg turned on katt too.

  6. Truth B Told says:

    what is the illuminati? where did it originate?

    from my understanding, the illuminati has its roots in the evil sky god (aliens) of the ancient days. in babylon, they were called the annunaki. they were highly evolved human beings. some good. some evil. they messed around with genetics and created the homo sapien race as a slave race to mine their gold and do all their labor according to the legends. they also seeded a bloodline with the homo sapien race. these were the demigods. the titans. the illuminati are the priest class demigods of the annunaki. the annunaki are at the top of the illuminati pyramid. then its their high priests who use corrupted spiritual knowledge to control man to this day. then its the military and so on until it reaches us. babylon the great is real. its the illuminati system and its thousands of years old. to the skeptics out there who think the legends of gods and demons and magic are just myths, ask yourself this question.

    who taught the elite how to control mankind back in the day? why was it that certain inbred bloodlines were able to control millions of human beings if we all started at the same point?

    read the book of enoch for more details on how this went down. it was banned from the bible after the babylonian roman church hijacked jesus.

    from babylon to rome to england to the US. one empire dissolving into the next.
    "Novus ordo seclorum"
    a new order for the ages. right on your dolla dolla bill yall

  7. Wow! speechless. How can you guys still listen to these type of people who are extremely misguided

  8. ModernHippie says:

    So.. He sold his soul to the devil, the devil brought snoop back to life, and then snoop became rich and famous, went to jail and then carried on being rich and famous because the devil had his soul?
    Don't get me wrong I absolutely love snoop I think he's dope af!

  9. Star Monique says:

    kanye west fighting with the demons for selling his soul to them devils in hollyweird

  10. Bryce Wooten says:

    man this song is so creepy I know if I'm ever dying I'm not selling my soul to the devil god got this

  11. Matthew 4: 1-11… that should let you know ANY man on earth can sell their soul. God gave us a choice to pick and choose what you feel is rightfully true in OUR hearts. We serve a jealous but honest and just God, and it is by choice of whom has control of our soul. Energy is neither created nor destroyed right? Complete physics.. therefore we all have energy within ourselves, and it has to go somewhere when this body fails. Just something to think about for the closed minds. Don't have to believe in everything, but at least acknowledge the fact that if there are "dark spirits" then there has to be an opposite as well…the "light". Food for thought… we're all entitled to our opinions just be respectful of others please! Times are changing so be ready… blessings, love, and respect to all!

  12. Alfred White says:

    Actually you can sell your soul to the devil for wealth and fame. If you want to know how check this: and learn the real truth about Satanism.

  13. fool this is just murder is the case this aint no conspairicy i hear this all the time

  14. Rhitewise says:

    penguin.gif – Snoops music has always sucked. It was only good because of people he rapped with like DRE.

  15. No Not Snoop! I hope he finds God

  16. DMX's song, Damien also explains the process (his own) of making a blood contract with the devil in order to receive fame and riches

  17. lol this a fucked up music video having that weird white boy beside you

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