Solar flares 2012: Solar flare can create storm

truther January 23, 2012 1

Solar flares may make news in the year 2012. Meanwhile you can watch solar flare tonight. Many scientists say that it can create storm in the area where it will be visible

A NASA report has said that a M2-class solar flare is heading towards earth. This may bring another great moment for sky watchers who spend nights trying to see small meteors on some given days.  The solar flare that originated from sun, two days ago may show up on skies tonight.

Meanwhile the weather experts say that the geomagnetic storm created by the flare that originated from sun may cause severe storm in some areas.

There have been predictions of devastating flare originating from the sun and doomsayers claimed that such flares may destroy many cities on earth. Some NASA-funded studies have earlier talked about a “Space Katrina” flare or coronal mass ejection that would devastate modern civilisation, bringing down power grids and frying satellites en masse. The report suggested that the flare may cause food to rot, trains to stop midway in its tracks and traffic gridlocked. The report also suggested that it may cause severe disruption in telephone and internet services.

But then there are other experts who say that this is too far fetched and bleak scenario. They also suggest that there isn’t enough energy in the sun to send a killer fireball 93 million miles away to destroy Earth”.

A NOAA report suggests that the flare was caused by Region 1401. Another flare was fired by another region on the sun, but that may not reach the earth.

Solar flares send out bursts of electromagnetic energy that can occasionally disrupt communications and electrical systems. For the past several years, the sun has been at a quiet end of its cycle and only recently has gotten more active. Solar cycles go in an 11-year period. This cycle has had fewer storms than usual for this time in its cycle. But that may be changing.

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