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Sir Indy Neidell awaits you for another edition of OUT OF THE TRENCHES where he answers your questions about the First World War. » HOW CAN I …


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  1. Can you make a video about norway during ww1 ? such as kaiser wilhelm's yearly trip to norway the merchant fleet which was one of the biggest in the world and how neutral norway was offered German East Africa in the treaty of versailles. great video nevertheless.

  2. Ludwin V says:

    The mad dog of Wadiya

  3. Ludwin V says:

    Please do WW2 I may not be alive by 2039

  4. thekitkong says:

    Could you please look at the most famous soldiers of WWI?

  5. Dirk Wijker says:

    I have a question for the chair of wisdom. On all of the foto,s i have seen of soldiers from the austro-hungarian empire none of them are wearing helmets. My question is: did de austro hungarians really didn't have any helmets and if not why didn,t they have them. Love the show by the way i am learning a lot from it

  6. heatseeker says:

    so this scene in Blackadder about a minefield is not based on reality?
    "normal procedure Lieutenant is to jump 200ft in the air and scatter yourself over a wide area…"

  7. Also consider the tactic of massive artillery bombardments before an enemy attack. Land mines sensitive enough to go off from a human foot would almost certainly detonate under the wave pressure of artillery shells before an attack even took place.

  8. hello Indy!!!!!!!!! if I were a soldier in front and I were a German and we were fighting tanks what would I do????? please answer

  9. Pen Quin says:

    Hey Indy and team and greetings from Finland.
    I was wondering what is your opinion on "lions led by donkeys?"
    I find it difficult to believe that the british generals learned nothing during those five years.

  10. mikhailv67 says:

    THe nick man Allyman….would surely come from Allemand …French for German

  11. Robert Cains says:

    Brilliant, loved the accent just needed a sniff in the middle for punctuation.  By the way did the German troops have a nickname for themselves?

  12. The speech ddn t exist in this form. Many have debated about this but first of trying to accuse Wihelm, a christian, of wanting his troops to act in the sense of the " huns" is rather ludicrous. There are whole books disproving htis speech and you shouldn´t still be telling people this long since disproven, well, propaganda by the allies.

    If you are still trying to rely on mainstream " history" and this anti-german view of Röhl, than this channel, seeing as you guys are actually german and I do not really have to write in english but still am going to do it, more politically influenced, than I hoped. I though the channel wanted to be accurate, but going over the start, like the germans were repsonsible and the Kaiser soooooooooooooo bad seems to be quiet outdated, especially after Clark for example, which you claim visited your set. Labeling the Kaiser as crazy or " totally naive" without the bigger picture and having a tunnelvision, as Clark ciricizes on many of the older history books is just outdated and reactionary.

    About the supposed " hunspeach" maybe check the backround information, there are things incontext and actual understanding you didn t mention and apparently left out.

  13. andomitor8 says:

    I have a festive question for the unfestive season. After the Christmas truce who fired first were the soldiers firing at one and other or was it the artillery firing over the lines in business as usual?

  14. Hay Indy battlefield 1 has some new gameplay could you please do a nother analysis vid please

  15. Matteo Hetzy says:

    the Italian nicknames for Austro-Hungarians were "Fritz" , "Tognini"(or tognitt in Lombard ) and the most remarkable "Crucco/Crucchi" that comes from the croatian word for bread (kruh) since many austro-hungarian soldiers on the Isonzo came from Croatia and when taken prisoners asked for bread. Later this nickname was also applied to Germans too(especially since WW2) and now it refers to Germans or Austrians or even sometimes to the german-speaking minority in Italy but never referred to Croatians or other people from balkans

  16. Indie, you never answered Yote's question on the word, "Alleyman". Actually, it is not "Alleyman", but Aleman (with an accent over the "e"). The word, Aleman in Spanish means, "German". Though the word in English looks likes, Ale-man (rhymes with mailman), in Spanish, where the word originates, it is pronounced, "Alleyman". I've also seen it spelled, "Alemagne".

  17. LoL "chair of wisdom time" XD

  18. Hi I love the show but can you tell me during WW1 did other nations such as France and Russia almost have a revolution like the Russian revolution?

  19. Alex Summers says:

    A Question for out of the Trenches: Indy what was the weapon with the highest K/D ratio in trench to trench combat? I've heard somewhere that the spade or entrenching tool is up there but I'd like some numbers please.

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