Something Strange Is Happening To Britney Spears : Illuminati Slumber Party EXPOSED!


Britney Spears & Tinashe released a new video called Slumber Party which accurately depicts a true and real Illuminati elite party. Britney herself even admits …


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  1. Jodie Marie says:

    What's up with the narrative?

  2. Girl shut it up!! You jealous and made this absurd video probably because your fat and lonely… leave that girl out of your twisted demonic fantasies… YOU THE ONE NEED JESUS.. imma pray for you

  3. yanapray says:

    Thank you, sister! JESUS is LORD!

  4. They do it to most people in music. The Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, etc. in every part of music. Scientology, Freemasonary, Satanism, and Witch Craft run music now. Many celebrities are involved with Beilderbergs, Bohemn Grove, Racist, Sexist, Censorship Groups, Shriners, Wicca/Witchcraft, and Satanism to keep Satus Quo, even destroying their own families. That is what an insider with a programming professor for The CIA told me. Celebrities are black mailed, threatened, harassed, stalked, and cursed daily, weekly, etc. by these bits if they DO NOT SELL OUT. They try to make fans, producers, ghost/song writers, groupies do it too to get ahead. Which I NEVER would using MK ULTRA 65, hypnosis, brain washing, hacking, lying, etc.

  5. Read Exodus 20:1- 32, Leviticus 27- 29, John 3:16– 21, John 17, Acts 4:2- 7, Romans 9- 11, Revelation 18- 22. Jesus Christ will return soon and Grace will do finally win.But don't give up God and Christ, for fame, $$$$, etc. or whatever deals people and The Devil have you it is not worth it.

  6. Yes, this is a naughty music video…

  7. Hollywood is a cesspool of jimmy saville pedophiles and sex magick so I'm not surprised how courrpt it is since its elite owned Rockeller, Kissinger, Rothchilds etc.

  8. all these people trying to disprove this shit..what you doing with your life? hmm? nothing? thought so? attention whores the whole lot of you! get a hobby peasants!!

  9. Linda Phan says:


  10. Linda Phan says:


  11. Kasey Bunch says:

    what strange is happening?

  12. Asphodell says:

    Hahaha wow I thought this was a joke video at first. You guys definitely live in your own delusional world. Have fun with that.

  13. Spy Kitten, you've officially become famous! Lol I'm saying that because your Britney Spears video has made it on While it's making a mockery of your work, and the knowledge that the people should know, it's made it to mainstream media and at the very least, the information is being exposed to the masses and that's what matters most.

  14. easytoread07 says:

    symbolic as it is, it is a bit too much. why is satan presented as a human?

  15. she used to look like jessica alba mmmm what I would do to them

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