Sony PS4 Perfect Day Commercial. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism. World war 3 Mark of the beast.


An investigative Look into the Sony PlayStation Perfect day Commercial. Showing the Symbolism of the red pill deception and ww3 coming. Jesus Christ is …


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  1. David Revi says:

    I must stop watching these videos…

  2. I'm glad Sony's at least trying warn us with their commercials. Most companies don't give a fuck about they're consumers.

  3. JoeNFC2011 says:

    This makes sense. But it disappoints me that millions of people are brainwashed. Especially when it comes down to music, for example lil Wayne, Nikki minaj etc.

  4. joe noe says:

    for one the guy in red was nicolas cage not the kids brother also it was representing killzone shadow fall allso blue and red has all ways been good and bad lol 

  5. orita vengo says:

    I agree this EARTH as we know it will be no more. There is one true religion and one church WORLDWIDE right now it's called "The Light Of The World" search for IT while there is still time…. 

  6. Someguyto says:

    The first commandment on the Georgia Guide Stones it says maintain humanity under 500 million. Could they get what they want?

  7. I don't like sony anyways. i always suspected they were selling more consoles  because of brainwashing and selling their souls. it will be short lived though.

  8. Okay, seriously, it's not "pill-adies." It's "plee-adies." That, and you're an idiot.

  9. What a minute… Red and blue tabs??? Uh-oh.

  10. Jacob Haines says:

    The lyrics they are singing were written a long time ago by a man named lou reed. I love this song and its just a commercial about ps4 multiplayer. You could do this with everything in life. I doubt sony or Netflix (which i love) has much to do with the apocalypse.

  11. Chris Garcia says:

    Direct TV and Dish, Gangnam Style Psy and The guy in the yellow suit, 

  12. I think Christians lack the capacity to think critically for themselves. They all preach the same message and all share the identical insight like they've been brain washed. 

  13. Wow I'm thinking about how the slot machines at casinos often use these symbols and premises as well. Just something to think about

  14. Tyler Grove says:

    If sony was illuminati why would they have blue because blue represents god like you said and not only that why would they let netflix be viewed on their devices if red represents the devil? Fake!!!!!!!

  15. "It gets dark, we go home"

  16. Bob Bob says:

    This is hilarious if he's kidding but, I am concerned about his mental state if he's not.

  17. what the acual do you actually believe what you are saying and If you do where can I get what your smoking

  18. Soapy Ninja says:

    i always like watching you and i love ur intro reminds me of that song by joan osborne

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