Sorry, India, You Can’t Be A Superpower With A Brain Of A Mouse


By Ahmed Quraishi

India is a big country with the brain of a mouse. Take this headline from India’s largest newspaper, Times of India: Obama Mission: Billions To Pakistan, Billions To India.

I love the headline. It’s not wrong but a little exaggerated. US President Obama is offering $2 billion’s worth of military hardware purchases to Pakistan, subsidized by US government.

For Pakistan, it’s a cautious welcome. Nothing will come to us immediately. The purchases are divided over the next five years. It will be a slow process, involving government red tape, politics and the usual arm-twisting that Washington is so good at. It’s also a lollypop that the US government has dangled before the Pakistani military to calm some of the anger over a US helicopter killing three Pakistani soldiers three weeks ago.

The Indian government knows all this. It also knows that recent US sale of F-16s to Pakistan came with a harsh condition: the planes will be accompanied by US ‘minders’ as part of support staff who will live on the base and ensure Pakistan does not ‘misuse’ the planes, as in against India.

Still, two weeks before Obama lands in India on an official visit, Indian media managers leaked this fabulously-titled but well-researched report, grumbling that billions of Indian dollars will be going to US pockets while Pakistan will be getting billions’ worth of weapons for free. Of course, even if Pakistan buys up all the $2 billion’s worth of US weapons immediately and not over five years, it will still not match India’s massive weapons shopping spree worth $30 billion, to be spent by 2012, meaning within the next two years.

This tells you one thing: the Indian government is really not worried about the puny $2 billion offer to Pakistan tipping the scales. We can’t match India’s $30 billion.

If that is clear, then what is it that India is worried about? Why whine about two billions to Pakistan over five years when India is spending fifteen times that figure in less than two years?

It’s just India’s small-minded pursuit of anything that would undermine Pakistan. There is no way Pakistan would ever invade or destroy India, nor are most Pakistanis interested in this proposition. It’s always the bigger countries that destroy smaller ones. Yet India doesn’t really miss a second seizing any opportunity to hurt Pakistan. Remember 1971 when peaceful Pakistanis were busy in post-elections noise? India launched an unprovoked invasion of Pakistan and, as the invasion unfolded, we discovered the Indians had actually planned it for two years and created and recruited a proxy army inside our country to help them once the invasion started.

The mindset behind the Times of India story is the same mindset that invaded us in 1971, the same mindset that refuses to resolve Kashmir and pave the way for peace, the same mindset that exploits Afghan mess to set up training camps to export terrorists to Pakistan, the same mindset that plants terrorism in Balochistan, and the same mindset that bans Pakistani TV channels across India.

And to confirm the height of this Indian small-mindedness, it is the same mindset that bans Pakistani visitors from posting comments on Indian news websites, no matter how respectful that comment is, if the comment questions official Indian positions on any question. [Let me also add that Pakistani guest columnists are banned in mainstream Indian newspapers for the same reason. Compare that to Pakistani generosity as our newspapers permit guest Indian columnists to write freely even if they criticize official Pakistani policies, and no Pakistani news website bans Indians surfers from posting comments.]

Our American friends can’t see this Indian small-mindedness, of course. That’s why we hear US officials insisting India is not a threat to Pakistan, the latest such gratuitous advice came just this week during the Pak-US strategic dialogue currently underway in Washington.

For Pakistan and India to live in peace, even resolving Kashmir won’t help if India doesn’t get itself a new mindset, big and confident, in contrast to the existing insecure, small-minded way of looking at its smaller neighbors.

NOTE: Not a single Indian visitor to Pakistan, whether a private citizen, government officer or an Indian artist, was ever harassed by Pakistanis in any way in the entire history of Pak-Indian relations. The legendary Pakistani hospitality always embraced and touched visiting Indians as is the case with other foreigners visiting Pakistan.

In comparison, Pakistanis are regularly harassed and intimidated and in some cases even physically attacked while visiting India.

The biggest example is how 60 Pakistanis were burned alive aboard the so-called Samjhota (Friendship) Express train when they believed calls for peace and headed to India in February 2007. Today, the Indian government has admitted Hindu terrorists, including two serving Indian military officers, were behind the gruesome murder. The Indian government, backed by American and British media, insisted immediately after the attacks that they were the work of Pakistan’s ISI and Kashmiri freedom groups.

There are more recent examples. Here are two of them to prove this point:

Bigg Boss planning to send back Pakistani Artists : Pakistani participants in an Indian TV show face life threats by Hindu terrorists. The Indian government and people are unable to protect them.

Pakistani artist beaten up in Mumbai: A well known Pakistani comedian Shakeel Siddiqui has been tortured by some extremists in Mumbai and ordered to urgently depart from India.

There is a mindset in India, in powerful circles in government, the military and the Hindu terror groups, that can’t live with a smaller western neighbor that poses no existential threat to India.

This record of anti-Pakistanism in India contradicts the ridiculous statements of US officials and think-tank types who lecture Pakistan that India is not a threat.

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10 Responses

  1. aby says:

    We didint say like that…But who the bloody *** are yo u to say our country will not become a superpower…You dont know anything abt India…I dont know which country you belongs to…But the real power Of Inda is the feeling f patriotism in the minds of Indians ….

  2. maitry says:

    no offense to the pakistani’s and indians here, but i must break the news to you “hypocrites”.

    both india and pakistan are american bitches, i leave it to you to narrow it down from there.

    think about this, your shooting at each other with the same guns.

  3. sameer dubey says:

    its nt d small menatlity ..its just dat these weapons r ” valuable toys in d hands of a kid ”
    no matter wat u do .. d kid will break dem..

  4. lawyerjourno says:

    WIth the timid and tiny mindset India cannot be super power. particularly when it is not able to emerge as a regional power how can it be a champion of the world. Pakistan in alliance with China indeed has all the capabilities to become a great Islamic power and invade India after invading Afghanistan, Iran and Kashmir.

    • sam(The truth sayer ) says:

      looks like u people do not subscribe newspaper.
      1. second largest growth rate in world.
      2.fourth largest economy narrowly crossed by japan.
      3. 3rd largest army in d world.
      4.d only country to have a civil nuclear deal with usa .
      5.4 indians r there in the working team of barak obama(whose seal team had paralysed ur beloved laden .)

      u guyz can just regret …but truth is truth … for further details come to india v ‘ll have a cup of coffee and u will b enlightened ..

    • aby says:

      To invade India….It will be possible if and only if the last spark of life in the heart of Indians got lost..
      We are not puffed about anything in India…But Remember about our patriotism….Jai Hind….

  5. Aravinthane Tamizhmani says:

    Buff!!!…. Come to India and have coffee with me dude let us discuss on the reality…

  6. Paul says:

    Yes, but at least India does not play both sides in the same terrorism game. We know exactly where they stand, unlike Pakistan, who loves to receive american dollars who funnel it to the Taliban so that more americans are at risk. Some friend they turned out to be. It’s like paying the school yard bully not to beat you up and take your lunch money.

    Paul (USA)

  7. sandeep kumar sharma says:

    hi, good article, but relatively uninformed.
    have you travelled to india ? i sincerely invite you to come to india and be my guest and it would be my honour to show you around. that way you can get the real picture of india and indians. best regards


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