Space Universe | UFO – THE REAL DEAL ( Science Universe Documentary ) Documentary 2016


The Universe :UFO – THE REAL DEAL UFO: The Real Deal Many argue that flying saucers and other extra-terrestrial space ships continuously visit the earth.


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  1. Dale Smith says:

    what if they laid horizontal instead of vertical in a craft that accompanyed that horizontal position? may sound dumb but there tech would prob solve it

  2. The real deal is Jesus Christ our GOD is coming.

  3. dima bozin says:

    Best Documentary of UFO i have ever seen !!!!!!!

  4. I think 99% of what is being seen in the sky is man made. I really don't think we have stagnated in tech from the 1950s,still using jet to propel planes????? some of the early ufo pictures taken look so man made,now they look sleek and shiny,,ya im sure its human tech.Oh and 1% alien tech out there also.

  5. maybe the ships that do the 100g turns are not manned,,um or aliened.

  6. These people are liars, and they know it. NG, part of the top 6 companies that run the media/propaganda. Freewill.

  7. Number19 says:

    People could also be more open to the possibility that man is even more than they know. The man himself has many unknown talents and many untold secrets :)

  8. DoomiePookie says:

    this was FUCKEN boring

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