Status Report: This is what Colorado looks like 6 months after legalization

truther June 29, 2014 0

When Amendment 64 was passed(November 2012), Colorado became the first state in the United States to regulate the growing, and sale of cannabis for adults over 21.

Status Report This is what Colorado looks like 6 months after legalization

Some say it’s too early to make any major conclusions about new social trends. But there are some encouraging signs that are being documented in Colorado since the first retail stores officially started trading on Jan. 1, 2014. Some of these new statistics are displayed below and you can download the PDF if you really wish to save this information. We hope that other States and Countries are taking note of the progress being made here. Not only is Colorado making millions of dollars and lowing crime rates, but tens of thousands of people are able to treat themselves naturally without the threat of being locked up and imprisoned for using a natural plant. It truly is a crime that cannabis is still illegal in so many places considering its medicinal uses, food, clothing, construction material, and seemingly endless uses. It makes sense when you look at the whole picture. It would seem cannabis is more of a corporate threat than an actual threat to the people of Earth. Corporations like the cotton industry and the paper industry don’t want to see hemp steal their thunder. But I say to you this… Vote with your money! And remember… Only what WE allow will continue. Remember that. The world is waking up and we are making progress so keep the faith in humanity. By sharing this information around you can help create a better world through awareness. It’s only a matter of time before we take the power back.

We are interested in your opinion on this matter and cannabis in general. Do you think it should be legal everywhere? Do you think it’s dangerous? Why do you think it’s illegal? These are genuine questions we would love to hear from you about. You basically know how we feel, but we are always interested to see if anyone out there has anything else constructive or critical to say about this. Thanks for stopping by to read this and we hope you pass on the good news to your friends by hitting one of the share buttons below.

DPA Status Report Colorado Marijuana Regulation

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