Stefan Molyneux: Trump Election Stops WW3


Alex Jones talks with Stefan Molyneux about how Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential election stopped World War 3. Help us spread the word about the …


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  1. congratulations infowars and stefan

  2. Derek Watson says:

    Of course, Stefan Molyneux is a partisan hack who is as dishonest as he is idiotic. He won't even face someone who disagrees with him. Grow a spine, you coward. Get out of your pathetic echochamber.

  3. Blackout DJ says:

    Stefan Molyneaux is a great man,but his shows are soooo long lol.

  4. primeraprim says:



  5. does it really stop ww3? or just shift the hostility from Russia to china? maybe postpone ww3 ?

  6. Ironically, since Trump won, the DEFON nuclear war alert system just hit the safest level: 5

  7. War with Russia delayed War with China gearing up , Trump knows nothing of US trade relations with China, he just always goes back to 'their devaluing their currency' 'its bad -really bad' Trade War with China maybe bad idea 2 examples the 45% tariff Trump wants added to Imports , well that closes the biggest electronics company in the world Apple, and 45% on imports well what you think WalMart going to look like

  8. Dawn Hall says:

    They seem totally unwilling to just give him a chance! He isn't even in office yet, for Pete's sake! He has to learn how to maneuver around all those vipers in D.C.! Snake handling is a tricky thing to do! He needs to study the situation enough to know who his enemies are. The "kindest" ones will be the ones that stab him in the back. An he should avoid the MSM as much as possible. AND DO NOT GO ON THE LATE NIGHT TALK SHOWS EVER AGAIN! Colbert and Myers make me sick, literally! Stay away from SNL for sure! He is the new POTUS, not someone to mock and make fun of!!

  9. kabao lor says:

    ww3 is not going to stop and we all know it.

  10. Kitseywoman says:

    Obama lies to the American people. Obama has been setting Russia and Syria up for a while now. They been framing them for things Obama's terrorists have done.
    The media was paid off by Soros. Has the war been stopped? Or will Trump go along with it. Will his advisers tell him to get on board with the international Empires plans? I can't see this one man doing anything that could possibly stop these ruling classes. Bush, Rockefeller, Soros that I know of here in America. Saudi Arabia, England, France, Germany all in with them. They are running at the end of the money drain. They took it all. They would rather destroy the world and kill everyone then surrender to the rise of an alternative power of national sovereignty against the ancient rule of monetary law. Evil surrounds us. Will Trump find a way to stop this? Will the people of the earth stand up and denounce their leaders and refuse to fight for them? We see what happened here in America because people didn't get their way. How can we count on people like this all over the world to come together in peace? We need to share. They desire to cut off Russia's economy. Saudi Arabia been funding ISIS to take the allies out. American military in on it. I saw a very scary man named General Mark Milley lying through his teeth. They lie to us daily. Just went I thought we might be ok, this information comes to my mind!
    God help us.

  11. Kitseywoman says:

    What you see happening in the middle east is exactly what we see happening here in America now. This is how it starts.

  12. at least temporarily God is charge of war

  13. Azmin Zamo says:

    You dum americanos you are on the putins lap , you are fucked forever in this one by chinas big *******k

  14. Steven Perez says:

    get rid of our centralized banking system. end the federal reserve

  15. just a mouse says:

    Guys we need to stop WW3 because we all gonna die from the nuke and we all just gonna die from the nuke. and why we killing each other? we all not a zombie we all human STOP WW3 , STOP WW3 , STOP WW3!!! IF WW3 gonna happend all the animals , tree gonna die from the nuke explosion. NO TREE = NO LIFE!!!

  16. just a mouse says:

    WW3 is a scuicide

  17. saiboss7 says:

    Great interview!!

  18. Sebawayh X says:

    'which is a unpleasant…" it's an unpleasant… stefan molyneux can't speak properly.

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