Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.


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  1. crazyrules says:

    Drake vs. Snoop

  2. soy el unico comentario español ;( sobre el video…… stephen you pretend to do it i, ve been really living through it misery and poberty family woes

  3. KatzGoMeow says:

    King definitely won that

  4. WHORE LORD 😀 xD this was really great

  5. when they intro the characters, king just looks funny XD

  6. I think stephen king won! No doubt.

  7. Lesie1128 says:

    He insulted Po… dude…

  8. a good battle poeer rangers vs teen mutant ninja turtles

  9. i meant power rangers

  10. Sawlo G says:

    dropped out of school but cant drop a verse fire

  11. Edgar Allen Poe will always be better than King after he came first.

  12. Jerome Mina says:

    Edgar Allan Poe VS Edgar Allan Pug!!

  13. I think King won. but Poe's poems pwn posers is just awesome (need it on a shirt).

  14. XParis SoulX says:

    Honestly they both won cuz I can't choose

  15. J Henry says:

    Fyodor Dostoyevsky vs Jonathan Frazen. there both novelist

  16. I love these "double shut-up" battles. When one character gets a line that's so good, you think nothing can top it… and then something does.


    "never more".

  17. pokehunterhd says:

    Kazu Kibuishi (writer of the amulet books) vs. Alex hirsh(creator of gravity falls)

  18. Tari A says:

    Edgar Allan Poe in the back going "BRAAP!" kills me

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