Steven Universe The Return/El Retorno Clip (The Arrival/La Llegada)


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  1. they needed sugilite so she can fuck jasper up ?

  2. XD "if something happens, Dad will get a new son!" I laughed so hard here!

  3. quieren saber cual es este capitulo es el retorno

  4. this.this is. sick

  5. Rene Jimenez says:

    que aburridooooooooooooooooo??????????????????????????????????mi Osorio señal todo h comen

  6. I love how she was "eager" to beating Rose Quartz,but the instant she saw her symbol,she trembled and instantly begun to fire.
    Guess she remembered the stories of how a single gem could destroy hoards of armies.

  7. Josh Watto says:

    'Cuz we're good and evil never beats us'

  8. Lolit Hapin says:

    lol I can't stop shouting at my phone I was saying JASPER THAT US NOT ROSE THAT IS HER SON BACK OFF XD

  9. garnet died??????? .garnet is fusion then beats Jasper up and crashes

  10. Hector Lopez says:

    STEVEN ROCKS ??????????????

  11. I thought steven poofed when jasper hit him
    But if he did then the show ends here

  12. I love seeing garnet die because it's Ruby and sapphire ?

  13. 3:43 OH GOD NO!! GARNET WHAT HAPPENED,THAT LOOKS DISGUSTING! (I never saw this episode before)

  14. ???????????????????????????????????????

  15. Anybody else think opal has their ass?

  16. Jamal Hall says:

    how come the ship is made of metal?

  17. Demon Boy says:

    u talking about Jassy I'll kill u lol

  18. Honestly I would LOVE to see Rose (actual Rose) vs Jasper

  19. Doggo Rants says:

    You're a dick for putting your stupid water mark on a video clip that isn't even yours.

  20. esta un poco raro que ahi Jasper dijo que deseaba conocerla si ya la conocia cuando rose mato a diamante rosa

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