Stock Footage – World War II: Manila Clean-Up


Stock Footage – World War II: Manila Clean-Up.


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  1. Mike Joy says:

    I read some of the comments and think to myself,wow americans hating americans?wtf..First of all,we stopped the japanese from making the philippines into there bitch.2nd when it comes to war people will die,there is so many people and bombs are needed.Do you think the japanese would of let filipinos live a great life?nope there would of been put in camps or put to death.wrong side won the war?southenguy and tom brady?wtf are you both teenagers?do you know what the fuck you are even talking about.other people we americans fucking helped philippines after the war,before the war,even now.all you here is usa don't help no one.mother fuckers we help everone and there fucking mom.the world is full of bad people,all countries have good and bad in the politics but usa is good,no matter what the fuck you think.we just have teenager pussies who grown up in the wrong era listening to uk fags bitch about us when they never been here or how we bitch but we never been no were.btw am american,im in the philippines right now.the reason this country is the way it is,has nothing to do with ww2 or usa,it is the goverment and poor choices by the people.get your facts str8 guys n gals.

  2. Mai ganitong scenario sa larung call of duty

  3. 3rd Eye says:

    This deceiving wars by Americans had been going on since then. Its part of their plan to take over the world and even at this exact present time they are doing the same thing. War is business. Sad to say, but it won't stop because they will keep doing it for the benefit of their own agenda. American governments always acting like the "good guy", but behind close door they will backstab you. They are the master of deception and manipulation. They are good at lying, it's like they breathe it. The most vile and evil nation who's being control by the most greediest rich motherfuckers that tries to rule the earth for themselves. I've seen it all and nothing will change. Peace can't be attain, they won't allow it unless we destroy them in their own game. I will never believe anything they put on by their media or whatever the fuck they say. NEVER. Their ulterior motives are sickening.

  4. craig laddd says:

    wow ganda pre 11/10 ganda ng amerikano manira

  5. Bite Me says:

    I honestly didn´t know that the Philippines and especially Manila was that much affected by WW2.

  6. Thanks America for saving my family and my country from the Japs- they would've killed us all

  7. streetxpert1 says:

    The Japs invaded Manila, but Americans killed more civilians in the battle of Manila.

  8. Anghang Sayo says:

    Sayang Yung Ganda ng Manila ' letche kasing Amerika at Japan nayan pwede naman mag laban sa Gitna ng Dagat ' dinamay pa Manila..

  9. Idiot people saying it was the Americans who destroyed Manila, the real thing is The Japs massacred thousands of civilians,POWS and even killed thier ally (Spanish Consulate). Both sides participated in the destruction of the city but the Americans did it to liberate Manila

  10. Thank you for this video and all your comments. 😉 I learn in your different opinion. All of you guys are awesome. +King of Haters

  11. Kakj Moses says:

    The US did not hesitate to destry the Fhilippine.

  12. 3:30 was epic attack from the flame thrower man

  13. what exactly andwhyare philliphin`sare not to sovereign other country`s ?

  14. Please study the history of Americans in the Philippines. You will discover that they have killed and deceived more Filipinos than the Japanese in the past. Racist white Americans considered Filipinos inferior to them so they didn't believe Filipinos were capable of self-government after defeating the Spanish fleet in Manila. So they decided to deceive Aguinaldo and many other European educated Filipinos who helped the Americans, and pretended to 'liberate" the Philippines from Spanish tyranny at the time when many Indians, Negroes, and Asians in America were being treated like animals. USA's foreign policy has always been hypocritical and deceitful. Today, some Americans and Filipinos still believe that America is a liberator. The reason for this gullible view is surely their lack of education.

  15. Serious Sam says:

    You know the filipinos are the only group of asians not mad at the japs for their war crimes. The millions upon millions of women and girls raped by the filthy japs.

  16. this is are lesson to day in hekasi

  17. what kind of video camera recorder is that? so clean and the resolution, wow…

  18. its american war, not ours

  19. Mike Smith says:

    Man what a brutal battle.

  20. SMOOTHJAKED says:

    America's colleges should look like this soon. I can't wait for the little crybabies to call their mommy.

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