StormCloudsGathering – World War III – The New Axis of Evil – StormCloudsGathering


Click Here to save you and your Love ones XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I want to give special thanks to StormCloudsGathering for …


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  1. Mark Boucher says:

    were not gonna have to many victorys


  3. Resi Stoner says:

    fucking loser… he just wants youtube money..

  4. D3RGameZ says:

    hahahaha isis attack america what a joke

  5. D3RGameZ says:

    america liberated countires from evil america the richest country wow 2 nice jokes

  6. caitgems1 says:

    Another bullshit artist

  7. Aleksa Kole says:

    It's just a sales pitch w/o any useful info. They tease us into watching, then tell us to buy their Program if we want to stay safe.
    If they were truly Christians, why wouldn't they simply allow us to read their PDFs instead of buying them? It costs THEM nothing.
    Instead, they waste an hr of our Time fear-mongering. Not that we shouldn't fear, but mongering means that they seek to Profit on our Fears!

  8. I'm calling bull shit on this one.

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