Strange ِCreature, Alien Caught on Tape, Most Amazing Paranormal Documentary


Aliens and Strange ِCreature Caught on Tape Amateur Camera Discover Most Amazing Documentary, Paranormal here is the real entertainment of Top Most …


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  1. alot of these videos and pics were debunked but there is still a couple in there that had no evidence that they were fakes or even edited

  2. iGrizzly tA says:

    This is like an MLG Parody video ?

  3. titch Ricks says:

    smh! choose wisely what you believe in…… it is out there….. just not here!

  4. At 15:39 there is footage of a "thing" walking on all fours. I travel a lot, this is a real women. I did not video, the footage, but I have been to the country and I saw that woman. (Poor thing) I was fucking freaked out. She is half animal !!!!! The people in that village, think, or say  that she is blessed, they won't hurt her or take her to a lab. In that area, which I won't state, because if the natives don't bother why should I exploit her. I saw her in 1997 . It's still fucking freaky seeing this tape as I had put her out of my mind.

  5. Andrew says:

    I think that it is all true but you cant have that much adds.

  6. at 1:20 thats general grievous…

  7. Honestly.. the scariest things were the grammatical errors.

  8. advertising at the top is shit. video footage is mostly make up and effects. I have most of those props at my house. so i call bullshit try again

  9. It is 2016 still nothing… NO ZOMBIES?

  10. click on gear button on screen and click on annotations u will have a clear screen

  11. alex andrade says:

    think u guys are full of crap

  12. Niklas Tyler says:

    12:40 Dobby, burying bodies for harry potter

  13. they take the vidio clips from horrible movies and make us fool,!

  14. Onii Cathryn says:

    20:50 is a fucking bear

  15. kaneki ken says:

    your safe here take what you like?????????????????????????????????????????????????????☕️?go on take it

  16. Yonk Rider says:

    not alien but JIN

  17. most of these pictures and videos are crap….like a lot don't even look realistic

  18. Blake Barron says:

    I didn't see even 1 alien? Just a series of well known vert badly done hoax clips.

  19. Kelly Lowry says:

    NO excuse with today's technology for all these "Creatures" that ONLY show themselves to people who use pre 1980 technology. SHOW ME THE HD quality clear quality videos. So if its blurred, its suspicious, and years later its proven to be nothing more than a Hoax. Oh crappy and spotty technology you are but a whore, to those who deceive. Its like April fools day everyday.. nowadays

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