Photos gathered from a high-society “surrealist ball” recall more of the same type of strange debauchery Alex Jones encountered when he successfully infiltrated the Bohemian Grove.

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  1. Nigel Perren says:

    A bloke I used to know did work for a woman that owns a kinky parlour in Amsterdam, she's so rich she doesn't get a local builder in to do repairs , she rings him up and pays for him to be flown over from England, then pays for his accommodation, and pays him well over the odds, he had to repair a leaking piss pool, there are dwarfs working there that shit and Piss on the clients, whip them with stinging nettles and stuff like that !! Weird shit! The clients are the so called Elite, they have private jets waiting at the airport and turn up in Rolls Royce's, they pay literally millions to be shit and pissed on by the little people!

  2. son of man aka SOL O MON aka SUN OF MAN aka JEWS

  3. guaranteed a real filmed ritual about the Jews speaking romanian Backwards

  4. The simple thing with the world banking cartel is the countries let them in now kick them out all countries have that right they are an evil bunch of phony german wanna be jew fucks

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  6. Anan1403 says:

    thank u for the people who understand this . thise fuckers shouldnt live rothschild family must be in hell with satan

  7. none ya says:

    …and in the end, GOOD will triumph!

  8. Alex Hill says:

    no one can sell their souls to Satan for Satan doesn't exist, he's simply an image to represent man's carnal nature.

  9. 90's baby26 says:

    Did they burn someone at the stake around the 4 minute mark?

  10. Andrea Pyne says:

    JFK tried to expose the secret societies and was murdered for it

  11. Andrea Pyne says:

    You have to admit that strange and question the meaning of that weird party

  12. Andrea Pyne says:

    Thank You info wars for exposing them

  13. Rada 800 says:

    What's that profile picture? Is that the "all seeing eye?"

  14. was Elvis Presley controlled by mk. he was in the army Hollywood a music industry. he was the greatest singer a intertainer this world will ever see. was Elvis a member.

  15. big mike says:

    u all are out there !! cause there's no such thing as these types of people and all that word really means is enlightenment.

  16. When humans have more money than they know what to do with, this is what happens.

  17. The sad part is being the only person in your family who's woke.

  18. I hate these wicked people so much–that devil head monster hostess makes me outraged!! They will all be brought down in the end.

  19. Simran4U says:

    Like why are humans soo dumb, we don't need your perfect world or a great cause cause at the end of the day we all live a nothing and we all die a nothing. So cut the crap humanity and live your worthless life's are they are?

  20. Kenan Reaves says:

    so that confirms it .. Jesus is lord . and we should all repent

  21. People must never live on "paranoia" – alone, but by "BREAD"!Let its 'spiritual worlds be managed by those that "shall rule" and of be!

  22. Imo the rituals in the movie Eyes Wide Shut were likely actual rituals happening? The crying is Weeping For Tammuz. Cracked skulls on dolls are symbolic of both MKUltra mind-control and of how they love to crack the skulls of victims to suck out the blood & brains. Read the Book of Enoch. We also know that some type of Annunaki/Nephilim etc (which supposedly still live) cannot consume solid foods, but must eat only blood, human energy, or maybe also other bodily fluids too.

  23. Podesta Emails 2016… It was all true.

  24. hey ""children…!!!! this is for real reseach it oh yea

  25. FLAME-XIII says:

    amazing party and costumes

  26. Sbg Sbg says:

    they are just having a halloween party

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