BACKWARDS MESSAGES!! Ty Dolla Sign; Bebe Rexha; MIGOS; “Cool Kids”. Sia leaving subliminals to Rihanna in her songs??
YouTube/Music Industry was PISSED after the last upload and blocked it worldwide as well as even blocking some of my older videos within hours of posting this SATANIC SUBLIMINAL FOOLISHNESS!! TRUTH LIVES!!!!!
Years ago a bloodline Freemason told me the OTO Runs the so called “music industry”, one of the few times a MASON ever told me the TRUTH.


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  1. This is one of the worst videos you've uploaded. You hear the word SATAN anywhere. And the rest of the sentences do not make sense. I doubt that any of that can do anything to the subconscious. Reverse audio does not affect anyone at all. That's stupid, and you've proven it with this video. Bad luck this time.

  2. We've been telling people for years that music carry spirits and you have got to be careful about what you bring into your house.

  3. kh lr says:

    Wow its been a WHILE! since you've done one of these starter kit videos for in coming media rebels/conspiracists!

  4. why? the intro makes me sick to my stomach… Babylon practice no doubt!

  5. Playing Echosmith backwards sounds like gibberish to me except I hear "Yeshua" many times. We all know who Yeshua is?

  6. Jo'El R. says:

    1:42 you can clearly hear him say "I was suckin dick these niggas watching"!

  7. cameron H says:

    Everyone who watched this vid should also watch John Todds interviews – it would clarify some things.

  8. flight1111 says:

    fag /transgender agenda at this rate humanity will go extinct:)

  9. flight1111 says:

    nice find black child

  10. AnonymousDX says:

    Are there any backward tracks caught out on america's got talent..?

  11. Barbie Babe says:

    wow!! mad crazy "I was sucking d" was crazy can't believe it this music is demonic n trash!!!

  12. physically sick.  God help the up and coming children.

  13. Arlene M. says:

    if you didn't post subtitles, then no one could decipher what was being said. i don't deny satanic hiding messages and some are clear, but most are unintelligible.

  14. Also you should watch the South Park Season Ten. episode 6:" Bebe's Boob's destroy society. " I watch the show and did not realize they had mimicked her character into the show, I do not even know who this celebrity is, I thought she was just a background character, but I can sense powerful dark energy at work….

  15. In my opinion, most of what we are seeing is out of individual control. We can no longer blame one person, but point the finger at Legion.

  16. The last video seemed the most fucked up with the goat.

    Where you have her labelled as "Yes, Satan" I heard "Hail Satan"

    Close enough though.

  17. Lomst Ren says:

    Just here to hit the like button and waiting patiently for the next facinating Black Child vid.

  18. Blokes snogging? WTF? Vile! Didn't need that!

  19. Lucero Ruiz says:

    i like men kissing is beautiful

  20. Brandon Cash says:

    Good video black child. Also can you check out my book called The spiritual effect of sex it on ebook on Amazon and paperback on create space and I will make a quick video showing my book when I get the chance

  21. that electronica song is catchy who is it by?

  22. Ash says:

    Thank you for exposing all this evil. I pray we all wake up & come to Jesus Christ before it's too late.

  23. War Machine says:

    Who does she think she is in that red dress? The whore of Babylon.

  24. Tish Martin says:

    THE BLACK CHILD , I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I luv your channel !!!! I don't sub to many channels, but your channel is at the top of my list!!!! YOUR CHANNEL IS THE BEST CHANNEL OUT THERE, PLEASE, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK….. IT'S A GREAT DAY WHEN, I SEE A NEW VIDEO UPLOADED !!! " ✌???1LUV………

  25. Art Vandelay says:

    I'll be one of the first to point out all the satanic shit in the music industry, but this is just BS

  26. Heard at the mastering stage of the music production they incorporate subliminal and dedicate each song to "lucifer" and they ask demons to attach themselves to the "music" not to mention the Tavistock aspect.

  27. Is this a re-upload??

  28. Child of Yah says:


  29. Child of Yah says:

    love when u do this. Yall do not fear evil, but fear the most high in his power.

  30. BlessedLPS says:

    if I listen to any other pop song im gonna puke..,,,

  31. Tami White says:

    Bebe Rexha looks like an overly made up transvestite wearing a blonde wig.

  32. Man you are Paranoid AF !!!

  33. 33Diamond33 says:

    Bunch of bullshit. Stretching it quite a bit.

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