Summit 6 – The Arrival

20 Title song by: Gabe Castro – Dead End Drive


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  1. This is top stuff guys!

  2. Sofiane Biad says:

    Woah that was really good i'm definitely gonna watch the whole tournament!

  3. Stranger thing vibes. love it

  4. Moe Sam says:

    no team liquid ?:/

  5. avinotion says:

    I cracked up at "they're heeere!"

  6. Gaming Haku says:

    Lul theeban cracks me hard.

  7. What the fuck was that

  8. refleksy says:

    man if this was created by Dicktowne I wanna LIVE in Dicktowne!

  9. created by Michael Bay and based on a true story

  10. Acting level:
    KOTLGUY – Jack Nicholson
    Rob – Johnny Sins

  11. Yujin Chung says:

    THE MOST CREEPY dota related video i ever watch

  12. 192mait says:

    dakotas over the shoulder they're hereee…. shot is worth the oscar on it's own

  13. Sean Knipe says:

    so good everyone killed it

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