Sunrise Heavy Oz Arrivals at Los Angeles – LAX | Qantas + Virgin Australia


Perfect light to catch these heavies arriving from Australia, during the dawn golden hour. It was well worth waking at 5am to film this trio, who are a long way from …


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  1. mtrauua says:

    Beautiful shots, mate.

  2. SleekDan97 says:

    Nice vid! Perfect lighting and filming ? this would've been filmed a couple of years ago right? Also, just a quick note, that last aircraft can't be VH-OEG, because it was in the old livery with RR engines (OEG has GE)

  3. Beautiful video. Virgin Australia use VERLOCITY as their call sign.

  4. Awesome work mate, the sunrise looked incredible! Must of been some oldish footage seeing as QF93 was a 747.. it's been an A380 for atleast 4 and a half years now. Liked!

  5. jackd166 says:

    Nice video – would be great if you could catch the shamrock!

  6. Saskjays says:

    Amazing shots and lighting!

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