Super Bowl 2013 Recap: The Illuminati Agenda Continues


Super Bowl 2013 Recap The Illuminati Agenda Continues

The 2013 Super Bowl featured the Sandy Hook chorus, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, a whole bunch of advertisements and, oh yeah, a football game. While things were not as overt and in your face as last year’s half time show/celebration of Great Priestess Madonna, there were nevertheless a a lot of Illuminati Agenda-pushing going on. Here’s a recap of the noteworthy elements that occurred in the 2013 Super Bowl, the TV event of the year.

The Sandy Hook Chorus


Jennifer Hudson sings with the Sandy Hook Chorus … a group that was NOT created by the young kids that are part of it.

As described in my recent article, Sandy Hook Survivors Are Made to Sing “Over the Rainbow” to Commemorate the Shooting, children that survived the shooting are currently being used in all kinds of media events. A few weeks ago, they recorded Over the Rainbow (an MK-Ultra trigger song) and were made to perform on live television. For the Super Bowl, the Sandy Hook Chorus was sent to New Orleans to sing before 70,000 spectators and millions of TV viewers. Why? Why do we keep bringing this horrible shooting to the center stage? To remind people that “gun control is good”? Isn’t it very sad and ironic that these kids must sing America the Beautiful after witnessing a horrible massacre, one that might have been caused by a mind-controlled patsy? Why are these kids being booked and flown to all kinds of nerve-wrecking mass media events? Is this still part of their “healing process”? Why are they being mixed with the Illuminati entertainment industry? Shouldn’t they be home with their friends and families instead of being under the spotlight? The exploitation of their image is rather unsettling.

The performance was led by an industry-favorite, Jennifer Hudson –  aka the “new Whitney Houston” – who is always chosen to perform in important occasions. Hudson also survived a strange and terrible tragedy, with the triple-murder of her mother, brother and nephew in 2008.

The Half Time Show

The best word I can use to describe the half-time show is “Beyoncé-ish”. It was like, sooooo Beyoncé. After “singing” (kinda) at the Obama inauguration, Beyoncé was again the star of a major event. No need to say that she’s an industry favorite, a figure-head of the Illuminati music industry. As described in several articles on this site, the symbolism in her work clearly indicates who she is working for. While her half time show was not the big, pharaonic occult display of Madonna’s 2012 show, we still witnessed the mind-control symbolism that is usually part of Beyoncé’s material.

The entire show focused on duality and the multiplying of personalites, two concepts that are extremely important in Monarch mind control (read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

The first and most visible cue to the concept of duality and alter-personas is the stage itself which consists of two faces that somewhat look like Beyoncé.

The stage is made up of two faces facing each other, an image evoking duality and multiple personalities.

The stage is made up of two faces mirroring each other, an image evoking duality and multiple personalities.

The first part of the show contained a combination of symbols and visual effects that refer to the concepts of duality and multiple personalities.

At the beginning of "Baby Boy", Beyonce is in front of a black and white background (a representation of duality). Through video effects, she then "multiplies herself".

At the beginning of “Baby Boy”, Beyoncé dances in front of a black and white background (a representation of duality). Through video effects, she then “multiplies herself”.

More play with black and two white silhouettes (alters personas?).

Here we see one black silhouette (which is Beyoncé, the “core” personality) and two white silhouettes (alters personas?).

The two white silhouettes turn into real human Beyonce look-a-likes who dance with her for a while, amidst confusing effects. The blurring between reality and illusion is a focal point of mind control and is aptly displayed here. At one point, the look-a-likes disappear.

The two white silhouettes turn into real human Beyoncé look-a-likes who dance with her for a while. We then see a lot of lights flashing and confusing effects, making us wonder who is the real Beyoncé. The blurring between reality and illusion is a focal point of mind control and is aptly displayed here.

Even the saxophone girl has the theme of duality plastered all over her.

Even the saxophone girl, with her Masonic checkerboard pattern dress, conveys the concept of duality.

At one point, the screen behind Beyoncé displays the classic symbol representing the fracturing of personalities, one that is almost ALWAYS part of MK-themed narratives.

The screen that displayed alter personas and dualistic patterns shatters with a loud shattering noise, a symbol indicating the fracturing of persona in MK symbolism.

The screen that displayed alter personas and dualistic patterns shatters (emphasized with a loud sound effect), a symbol indicating the fracturing of persona in MK symbolism.

The first part of the show was therefore all about duality and multiple Beyoncés. Then, the group Destiny’s Child was randomly brought back from the late-90s to sing along with one of Beyoncé’s solo hits. During Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), Beyoncé briefly flashes a hand sign – one that readers of this site probably already know all too well. This gesture generated a lot of media attention.


Beyonce flashing the “ROC” hand sign.

Quite a few mainstream websites such as Yahoo! and Huffington Post published articles about this hand sign, asking if Beyoncé was “flashing an Illuminati symbol”. These articles however all come to the same conclusion: Beyoncé was doing the ROC sign to shout-out her husband’s label (duuuh) and everyone who thinks otherwise is a moron. Many of the articles then provide a quick, half-assed recap of what the Illuminati is, making sure to distort many facts to make the whole thing seem completely idiotic. This trend is becoming increasingly appearent on the web and mass media.

I admit that the mainstream sources are right: This hand sign is indeed the “ROC sign”. But here’s my question to these “journalists”: Where does the ROC sign come from? What does it represent? Why does a label named Roc-A-Fella (a nod to the Rockefellers, one of the most powerful Illuminati elite families) uses a triangle hand sign to represent itself? How about going a little further than the obvious superficial answer for a change, mainstream media?

The ROC hand sign refers to the All-Seeing Eye within a triangle, the ultimate Illuminati symbol.

The ROC hand sign refers to the All-Seeing Eye within a triangle, the ultimate Illuminati symbol.

In Judaism, the gesture is known as Kohanim hands or Priestly Blessing. It is depicted on 18th Century grave.

In Judaism, the gesture is known as Kohanim hands Priestly Blessing. It is depicted here on 18th Century grave.

The hand sign is not random. It signifies something and flashing it during the Super Bowl tells a lot about who is running the show.

Also, to respond to the ridiculous claims of those mainstream articles: No, Beyoncé and Willow Smith are not IN the Illuminati. They are USED by the Illuminati-owned music industry to push an elite agenda. Pop artists are pawns who signed a contract binding them to the elite and requiring them to do their bidding. Most readers of this site know this already, but there is growing push in mainstream media to discredit “conspiracy theories” by writing stuff like “Look at these idiots who think that Beyonce is part of an 18th century secret society”.

Anyhow, let’s look at the rest of the Super Bowl.

Lights Out

During the 3rd quarter of the football game, half of the lights go out. It was caused by a mysterious “anomaly” that caused the system to shut down.


Considering the Illuminati sub-text of the event, I cannot help but think about the occult pseudo-meaning of having half of the stadium basking in light and having the other half being in darkness. I am not saying this happened on purpose, but it is still an interesting synchronicity. One thing is for sure, the “glitch” energized the 49ers, who scored a few touchdowns and got back in the game. All of a sudden, this lost cause became interesting and the fourth quarter was rather … thrilling. Apparently, Mercedes-Benz knew that would happen.

This Mercedes-Benz magazine ad was eerily correct.

This Mercedes-Benz magazine ad was eerily correct.

While the ad seemingly refers to the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, the literal meaning of the ad is still perplexing, considering what happened at the game.

If we combine this ad with the one I described in The 2013 Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial and its Occult Message, one can at least say that Mercedes-Benz brought a lot of strangeness to the SuperBowl.

In Conclusion

While things were somewhat more subdued and abstract in this year’s SuperBowl (versus the 2012 edition), there were still many elements that went right along the Agendas described on this site. When we combine all of the elements together, we realize that there’s a common and reoccurring theme going on, one that points directly to the “hidden hand” of the Illuminati and its many Agendas.

The mass media coverage of Beyoncé’s Illuminati hand sign, also reflects a new trend: Mass media are now directly addressing, discrediting and ridiculing “conspiracy theories” (I hate that term) in order to make sure that people do not start thinking too much about the strange things they are witnessing on TV. Media coverage of Sandy Hook also followed that trend as several TV personalities went on air to “debunk” the theories. Fortunately for the powers that be, most people still teared up when they saw the Sandy Hook chorus standing in the middle of the SuperDome, singing about how America is beautiful. Yes, America is beautiful, but the elite that run it, and who exploit people’s lives and emotions to push their own Agenda, is most definitely not.

Oh yeah, and the Ravens won the game.

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13 Responses

  1. GetReal says:

    Only problem is, there isn’t any Illuminati to speak of. There are a host of other branches of freemasonry along with a literal cesspool of secret societies, cults and gangs. The Illuminati as an organization just don’t exist and it only makes us look ridiculous to go along with this charade. The fact that many hip-hop stars are flashing esoteric symbols may or may not lead us to conclude that they are freemasons (which i would doubt) but it certainly does not mean that they are “illuminati”.

    • Adam says:

      If you think there is no greater organization of Luciferian elitist cabala in this world, I have to say you probably are standing alone; among the awakened anyway. Your contention that there is no organized effort lacks hard evidence as well as circumstantial evidence. It flies in the face of those who have put life and limb on the line to ESCAPE the “family”, usually when they come to Christ and are shaken awake by the Holy Spirit that what they are associating themselves with is pure evil. You give the Masonic Order WAY too much credit. Very few know what their organization is truly based in. And the 33rd degree leadership is powerful, no doubt, but aside from individuals, they themselves as a body are nothing more than a spoke in the wheel. To suggest there is no organization when looking at world events; this is to deny reason. There are people in every facet of society from soldiers to police officers and sheriffs, doctors, lawyers and even top pentagon brass that keep a close eye on their movements. That is all I will say as the potatoes have eyes and the corn have ears. Needless to say your logic is flawed. At least it is needless to the initiated ones.

      • GetReal says:

        Again, you are confusing Freemasonry with Illuminati…

        • Adam says:

          Maybe I misunderstood you. I thought I understood you to say that all these others are just branches off the parent, them being the main parent. And that there is not micro-managed semi-superstructure. As it stands, all the little ones that you are talking about play their own little individual roles working toward the same goal. And at the echelons of these smaller cells, answer to the more organized and larger superstructure. It’s like Ma Bell and the Baby Bells after it was forced to break apart. All of these, or I should say MANY (some are not worthy of family status) are under the umbrella or they are part of the hierarchical superstructure. But there is a syndicate that they all answer to. Many are given freedom to “do what thou wilt” so long as it doesn’t interfere in the crowns’ plans. These are selected individuals with assigned seats in the world council of 13. In essence a patriarch or matriarch of each of the 13 bloodlines represented. With the Rothschilds being the head of the snake. NOW, for everything that is visible, there is something hidden. The system that we know as the Illuminati, referring to the 13 ruling families is what most people think of. But there is a lesser known illuminati that is even secretive all the more. I’ve only read 1 or so articles about them. Families who’s names I can’t even pronounce. These people are above or beyond “secret societies”. The body of my knowledge for the most part only extends as far as knowing of their existence. Most of my knowledge is of the Illuminati we are allowed to see. Which of the 2 sects holds the most power, I know not. But if they are able to keep it as secret as they have with all the public scrutiny of the term “Illuminati” I’m prone to think the lesser known of the two wields power over even that of the more known. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is not structured. Only a fool would set out on world conquest and not devise a hierarchical structure. This is the basics of any gov’t or military establishment.

          • GetReal says:

            All of those “branches” you speak of can be neatly summed up as a combination of “royalists” and “loyalists” to some degree. The truth about them is no secret, they are quite obvious in a majority of their dealings. Bottom line here is that there are three competing ideologies for world domination; Monarchism, Papism, and Democracy. The original Illuminati were nothing more than freethinkers engaged in a struggle against feudalism. They were in no way shape or form representative of the royal dynasties and their assertions that they rule over the rest of us by “divine right”. It has been their assertion that this “divine right” whereby they lay claim to the various thrones of mankind exist because of their blood lineages. Which, by the way, is the root of all insanity.

          • Adam says:

            I agree with some percentage of what you are saying. I do disagree with your 3 competing ideologies theory however. Most of what you are seeing in the global political climate is nothing more than a highly choreographed chess match. It’s a wrestling show. Communism is the only one that is really vying for world domination as far as a political system. There is a bit of competition between Islam and the Papacy though. In the original plan, DC is the military core of strength, London the financial and the Papacy the religious center. And even though they are getting ballsy with their grandstanding (being that their goal is within reach) there is still the majority of stuff that goes on behind closed doors. You get me an open door policy to the Bilderberg meetings and I’ll agree with you to their openness. There are two factions though of the “out” Illuminati that is keeping things slowed down and that is one sect wants to conquer with a massive military shock and awe type showing. The other wants to legislate into a world gov’t. Sadly they are not as at each other’s throats as they used to be. And the original Illuminati to today have always worshiped Lucifer. Remember they will always have a public persona and a private persona. The power’s always been with the money.

    • Adam says:

      There is a interesting website… . Bastards are getting to be cocky little shits. That will be their downfall. lol

  2. Adam says:

    Beyonce is one of the few singers I really have a lot of sympathy for. I don’t care how much money she makes or how popular she is, or what kind of lavish lifestyle she leads; she is in a very sad state. She is trapped within her own body. Beyonce, that dwells locked up deep inside the woman that we see is a naive, sweet, loving little girl. The little girl that was brought up singing to her Savior as a child. That’s the real Beyonce. And that is a Beyonce the world may never see again. Satan sent his agents in to kill the anointing. That was her voice. I would hate to be them. I can only image how angry God is against these agents.

    We didn’t see Beyonce but a couple of short seconds during her show. The other 99.5% of the time it was “Sasha Fierce”. She calls it an alt personality. I call it a demon. One that I would love to come up against. An alt is still really the person who it is created for. But that is not “Sasha Fierce”. I am shy and quite timid talking to girls. But when I’m on stage and when I come off stage, I am confident. That is my stage personality. It’s not a different entity than myself. I don’t forget or lose consciousness during my performance and can’t remember what happened during it. I’m Adam when I get up on stage, I’m Adam while I’m singing and I’m Adam when I get off stage. I’m just a slightly more confident me when I am entertaining. My core essence doesn’t change.

  3. eagle says:

    Black music entertainers sold out their race from day ONE, along with White entertainers selling out to the Elite class. So, the product of THAT CLASS is: Black people are disguised as White people and vice versa. They sold out each others race for their preverted platforms. They’ll do whatever it takes to promote their “sugar daddy?” the Illuminati!!!

    • GetReal says:

      Only problem here, Eagle, there arent any “Illuminati”. Elite? Sugar-Daddys? Shadow Govts? OH YEAH!!! Lots of those to talk about! But none of them are “Illuminati”.

  4. gary says:

    I don’t waste one penny on professional sporting events. And I don’t buy inflated consumer products that pay huge fees to athletic spoke persons.

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