Superman Saves Supergirl


This is Episode 3 of Supergirl.


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  1. หนังเรื่องอะไรหรอครับ

  2. frymillstrum says:

    Lol this channel is called The Amazing Spider-man

  3. hi cousin ok then bye cousin

  4. Vado says:

    ungrateful bitch

  5. Jay Smith says:

    Why is she mad. She was getting destroyed. She should be thankful they called superman

  6. UNCLE UTTERS says:

    This is why Marvel is superior

  7. This is the worst show ever it's ridiculous

  8. Why do these TV series always have such shitty CGI work.
    I mean I know the budget is much lower than a movie, but come on. They have such terrible movements, it makes the late 80's movie CGI look good…
    The Camera angles also are terribly done at almost every break too.

  9. Mr. Anderson says:

    All this cheese makes me kind of hungry.

  10. Well… It's a good thing that their casting a superman for this show, flash, legends and arrow next year…. Batman?

  11. Ashraf Anam says:

    Fuckin teen drama

  12. sokall sam says:

    Is it me or that Chet's looks like iron man

  13. Qui-Gon Jinn says:


  14. Eman Lop says:

    dumbest cameo ever

  15. L3ndzo83 says:

    this sht is lame.. i dunno those tv shows just do injustice to movies out there..

  16. iam hayat says:

    this show gonna ruin superman..if they gonna bring superman in season 2

  17. Puyan Yori says:

    Sooo bad. No wonder Marvel is beating DC.

  18. man mellisa something (super girl)
    was so good in whiplash idk what she is doing here, she is a great actress but what is she doing here, she can do so much better☹️

  19. Taha Badar says:

    instead of supergirl they should make a series of superman if they are not making man of steel 2

  20. Wizdigo says:

    Omg this looks terrible. Looks like complete and utter garbage, I am sorry, but I just have to get that off my chest. This reminds me of the live-action Superman show from the 90's…and that is definitely not a good thing, sweet mother of god!
    How absolutely corny this is, especially the fight scene. Superman can't save this show, unless the shows turns into a SM show, this is a mockery. I'd rather watch the fucking power rangers….

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