Supernatural Abilities Of Qi Gong Masters

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As a qi gong practitioner, I can tell you these video clips demonstrate advanced abilities by ordinary people and practitioners who gain gong, a very dense form of energy.  Only through dilligent cultivation and raising their mind nature (Chinese: xinxing) can a person achieve this.


Level 1: Beaten heavily but do not hurt


Level 2: Have some simple supernomal abilities


Level 3: From 1:43 – The emitted energy can go through obstacles and damage chosen targets only


Level 3b: The emitted energy can go through obstacles and damage chosen targets only

Level 3c: The energy emitted can go through obstacles and control chosen targets

Level 4: Have some strong supernomal abilities, such as create fire or electricity from pure hands

Level 4b: Have some strong supernomal abilities, such as telekinesis

Level 4c: Ordinary people can not touch the masters, on the contrary they can be beaten and controled easily from distance


Level 4d: Ordinary people can not touch the masters, on the contrary they can be beaten and controled easily from distance

Level 5 and above: Allowed only to Authentic qi gong practitioners. In order to know much stronger and much more supernatural top secret abilities, people must be true practitioners!

Grand Master Li Hongzhi in his famous “Zhuan Falun” taught that:

“…The hard qigong is a form of clustered energy-matter that is solely for striking and hitting. Let me give you an example. After attending our Falun Dafa class, a practitioner in Beijing could not press anything with his hands. When he was shopping for a baby carriage, he was surprised that the baby carriage would collapse with a crash when he checked its sturdiness with his hands. When he went home and sat in a chair, he could not press it with his hands. If he did, the chair would break. He asked me what was going on. I did not tell him because I did not want him to develop an attachment. I just said that it was all natural, let it be, and ignore it since it was all good. If that supernormal ability is used well, a piece of rock could be smashed into powder with a pinch of his hand. Isn’t this the hard qigong? Nevertheless, he had never practiced the hard qigong. In internal cultivation practices, these supernormal abilities can usually be developed. But because it is difficult to handle one’s xinxing well, one usually is not allowed to use them even if they have been developed. In particular, at the low level of cultivation practice, one’s xinxing has not been upgraded. Thus, the supernormal abilities that are developed at the low level will not be granted at all. As time goes by and your level is upgraded, these things will no longer be of any use and will not need to be provided.

How is martial arts qigong practiced specifically? In practicing martial arts qigong, one must regulate the qi, but it is not easy to regulate qi at the beginning. Though one may want to regulate qi, one might not be able to do so. What should one do, then? One must exercise his hands, both sides of his chest, his feet, legs, arms, and head. How does one exercise them? Some people punch a tree with their hands or palms, and some people slap a rock with their hands. How painful it must be for the bones to make such contact, as they will bleed when only a small amount of force is exerted! The qi still cannot be regulated. What should be done? One will start to swing one’s arms and make the blood move backward to the arms, and one’s arms and hands will thus swell. They will actually be swollen. After that, when one slaps a rock, the bones will be padded and will not make direct contact with the rock. Thus they will not feel the pain as much. As one continues to practice, the master will teach this person. As time passes, he will learn to regulate qi. Nevertheless, the ability to regulate qi alone is not good enough, for in an actual combat the opponent will not wait for you. Of course, when one can regulate qi, one is able to resist attacks and may not feel the pain after being hit with a very thick club. After directing qi to the arms, the arms will swell. But at the beginning, qi is the most primitive thing and can be transformed into a high-energy matter as one continues to practice. When it is transformed into a high-energy matter, it will gradually form an energy cluster of great density, and this energy cluster has intelligence. Therefore, it is also a supernormal ability cluster, or namely, a type of supernormal ability. Nevertheless, this supernormal ability is solely for striking and warding off blows. It will not work if used to treat illnesses. Because this high-energy matter exists in another dimension and does not travel in our dimension, its time travels faster than ours. When you punch someone, you do not need to direct qi or think about it as the gong will be there already. When you try to ward off someone’s attack, the gong will also be there already. No matter how quickly you throw a punch, it will travel faster than you do as the time concepts are different on the two sides. Through practicing martial arts qigong, one can develop the so-called Iron Sand Palm, Cinnabar Palm, Vajra Leg, and Arhat Foot.7  These are the skills of everyday people. Through practice, an ordinary person can achieve this level.


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