‘Superpowers behind South, North Koreas could trigger World War 3’


North Korea says it is ready to use its nuclear deterrent in what he calls a ‘ holy war ‘ against South . Statement of the Minister of Defense of North Korea was reported by …


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  1. superpowers? you mean like spider man or super man superpowers? awsome!

  2. mcmuffinmold says:

    expected to see koreans flying and shooting beams through their eyes

  3. spudmuffin99 says:

    … I think this happened: It was called the Korean war…

  4. salakast says:

    @spudmuffin99 there was no nukes involved in the korean war though

  5. Liam Maynard says:

    i clicked this expecting to see flying koreans…

  6. OlderG0ds says:

    Who the hell would back up North Korea besides their communist Chinese friends.. that's like supporting human rights violations, starvation, prison work camps, censorship, anti-freedom, etc. What a sad place to be.

  7. @OlderG0ds The chinese population is one of the largest populations in the world, was about to say is the largest but… I have no clue.

  8. OlderG0ds says:

    @vampireB3AN And this has anything to do with what I said, how?

  9. @OlderG0ds You said
    "beside their communist chinese friends"
    Which is still a problem.

  10. Yuma Eekman says:

    Say no to world war.

  11. alex miller says:

    Is he in a bowling alley hahaha

  12. TheKalihiMan says:

    I have heard that China actually supports a united Korea under the South.

  13. NomKarver says:

    World War 3 bring it

  14. the KOREAN WAR was WW3!

  15. cbradley1391 says:

    china and USA should agree that america would pull out of the south and let the south stand on their own, if china gets rid of the kims and the DPRK and turn it over to the ROK. america only stays because of the dprk, china only keeps the dprk around as a buffer from the americans, get rid of the dprk, america has no need to stay, and china would have no reason to keep the buffer zone. everyone is happy.

  16. cbradley1391 says:

    the only reason china does it is because if america took over the DPRK, then the USA would be right at chinas back door. china only keeps the dprk around as a buffer zone between them and the americans in the south, but america only stays in the south because of the DPRK. China gets rid of the dprk for us, america leaves, china turns the north over to ROK. no more tension, more more DMZ, no more famine and suffering of the NK people by the kims, everyone walks away with something.

  17. cbradley1391 says:

    exept the kims, but they dont deserve to walk away with anything 🙂

  18. The US is allied with South Korea. We'd turn over the North to them if we took it too. We're mostly beyond the era of annexations unless a world war happens, which won't because of MAD.

  19. Steven ryu says:

    Your point is wrong, China doesn't control NK, NK care less about China if only she gives them food.

  20. Jean Moke says:

    country behind all this is russia.. watch, soon they're gonna start defending NK

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