Surreal WW3 Modern Warfare Programming

truther November 26, 2011 1

by Zen Gardner

You’re going to find this almost hard to believe. I turned on some raw TV today after three delightful months without it while on the road.

Besides the incredible shopping screech idiocy with gurgling mad housewives drooling for the start of the well named “black Friday”, this Jeep Wrangler commercial came on that left me with my mouth hanging open.


Did you see that?

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t believe my eyes. They’re advertising a vehicle based on its value in urban street warfare conditions! Not only that, people are frozen in their tracks within the drama watching TV screens featuring what appears to be an apocalypse taking place everywhere.

Then, after this mad dash through an urban war zone the Jeep pulls up with it’s scull drawing on the back tire cover, and the announcer says:

“The 2012 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Edition. The toughest vehicle in the world. Any world.”

 …as they flash the initials it shows the letters WW3 below the name Call of Duty, and they then flip the first W to an M to stand for this vehicle’s name:

MW3 – Modern Warfare 3, as he says “Any world.

Amazing! How brash!

Notice also the clever enmeshing of virtual reality with reality, not just by a civilian vehicle in a war zone, but people interspersed in the scenes themselves watching computer screens of the very action they’re standing in. That puts YOU in the action! And they make light of it by detaching you safely from the reality, but you can participate by buying a war-ready vehicle.

Demonically clever. But understand–that means “modern warfare coming to a city street near YOU!”–as if it’s some kind of neat movie! What do you bet that car sells like hot cakes based on all the war and chaos programming people have had for years via TV, movies, computer games and actual, continual wars. “Mad world” as the song goes…

Apparently We’re Pretty Damn Close

When they’re selling cars based on how they’ll do in urban warfare conditions, we’re pretty close.

When TV commercials are blatantly talking about a coming WW3 in their fear mongering and subliminal efforts to sell you stuff (although we know there’s more to it than that), we’re pretty close.

When war mongering is at such a feverish pitch commercials have become virtual video war games of predictive programming, we’re pretty close.

And Call of Duty? What kind of evil false pride programming is that?! War is nobody’s duty!–it’s the goddamn plan of the Controllers and they drop this “assumptive lie” crap on the public that it’s their duty to ensnare the unwary like they do everything else.

Stay clear of it. Advertising and political propaganda are sorcery and more powerful than you think. Don’t let it occupy your eyes, ears or mind. It’s spiritually toxic. Get your family away from the TV and advertising and mainstream press. It’s all out warfare at this point for the minds and hearts of mankind and they’re pulling out the stops.

Be prepared.

Syria is following the exact blueprint of the Libya invasion and destruction. Once they’re “disarmed” (destroyed) Syria in order to protect their darling Israel from retaliation, Iran will be attacked and the world will never be the same.

As an ex-US Senator recently said, “The world fears the U.S. as a war-hungry drunk.” So true.

Make a regular practice of tuning into the elevated frequency that’s available to all right now. Read uplifting interviews, spend time in nature, find ways to practice peace. We all need to stay spiritually healthy during these onslaughts and in our efforts to expose the enemy and spread truth.

Be vigilant, but be happy. We truly do have a lot to be thankful for in spite of the troubling times we’re passing through. And the best thing of all?

We have the Truth. The Infinite, Loving Truth. Now that’s cool.

Much love,  Zen

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