SVR2011 – World War 3: Nightfall (part 19)



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  1. reimi jahana says:

    at 0:53 it was almost over^^ and at 1:11 Mitsuru hauls out Mr. 20 pounder. I knew Mitsuru could be deadly in battle, but geez. a little overboard so far. so far we seem to see who the crazy one is^^

    and at 2:58 during submission, I am like..damn those things are big^^ but ouch. at 3:21 Mitsuru landed right on her back and head. second time in a row she lands back first on the chair

    could have ben distarous at 4:04 if barbra didnt get out. Mitsuru went for the ankle breaker

  2. reimi jahana says:

    ((continuing my commentary))

    4:16-4:21 2x chair shots to Mitsuru. but at the 5:10 mark Mitsuru gets nailed by Mr. 20 pounder. but both women are gonna need the medics after this war. but come on slow count at 5:53. amazed that Barbra had energy to kick out. nice running knee at 6:36,

    and Mitsuru hits the Ice Cutter at 7:00..and MITSURU TAKES IT!!!! a great match and a great war

    it is now 1-1

  3. reimi jahana says:

    yeah. both are gonna need medical attention and though Mitsuru walked out the winner, no doubt she was limping while holding her ribs. Barbra is just sleeping, plotting her revenge against her fellow red head

  4. I'm Soooo Happy Mitsuru won the match 1-1 baby

  5. reimi jahana says:

    yeah. and sorry if my commentary was too much, but seeing how Mitsuru is my fav CAW((other than Reimi)) I had to.

    ih we think these two will somehow fight again of course. they hate each other

  6. reimi jahana says:

    of course I love Fujiko. I cant decide between the three of them((Fujiko, Mitsuru or Reimi, hell or even Hiroko)) what the hell. I take all 4

  7. reimi jahana says:

    yeah. and the thing is that all four of them will be staying around. cant spoil it but one of those four will not be at the next PPV or the weeks leading up to it. Free Saki life sized poster if you guess who

    the order? cant choose an order. Reimi first since she was my first. then I cant decide

  8. reimi jahana says:

    heh. heh. yup. you know who it is.

    of course. though the other three are hard to call

  9. killer5731 says:

    HAHAHA that's the funniest kick i've ever seen 5:03

  10. @killer5731 Technically, it's a running knee smash, but I can suspend my disbelief if you can. ^_^

  11. whats the name of the instrumental at the beggining

  12. @mryear3000ify passing of the blue crown by something or somebody that has to do with megaman

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