SYRIA: How World War 3 Unfolds


Unfolds In today’s video , Christopher Greene of AMTV explains how World War 3 takes place in Syria . …


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  1. Zeina Ismail says:

    let's all just pray for peace♡

  2. AMTV might have been talking about this agenda for 5 years but for all of David Icke's misgivings he has been talking about an agenda for a non ending war in the Middle East for at least a decade. Military Industrial Complex at it's 'finest'.

  3. Things in syria have really escalated since this video. ww3 is looming

  4. n4ktz says:

    Wow, Russia just started bombing Syria 9-30-15 without consulting us… this the start? This guy may have known???

  5. the war of Ezekiel,,prophercy says Russia attacks Israel,well today is 1st oct 2015 and Russia are at the door ,fact,

  6. Refugees flooding West Europe.
    It's getting out of hand. They start fighting in refugee camps etc. But who's to blame? Idiots from NATO and US.

  7. its amazing to see how white people flips out when a black man carry thru the plants of the white mens HOLY FUCKS. blk ppl you fk if you do and fk if you don't

  8. world government in action and they don't like China and Russia and Iran up setting their plans

  9. Paul Manning says:

    The whole issue of the troubles in the Middle east is so convoluted, so purposely confused and artfully contrived by the USA, that it would take a very clever God like magician to work it ALL out. Its a conundrum within a undeniable knot, and of course the USA government wants it that way. The common man is never going to be privy to the secret and future decisions that those in 'real' power are making, and will make, for their own selfish reasons for ultimate power. I am not even saying that I know what is going on, I don't, but then again am not supposed to know am I?, and neither is anyone else, other than those in real ultimate power in this doomed world, and I am not talking about our politicians here, they are just the puppets whose strings are being pulled by those in the shadows, these are the ones that know what is REALLY going down! You can talk as long as you like, you can try and join up the dots, you can speculate all day and try say this or that, but at the end of the day you and me CAN and WILL never know what is taking place. The best we can all do is get on with life and to try and be happy until the cataclysm happens, whatever that is, but something is coming and it will involve us all, but those in power will be safe and sound and will rake in the benefits of our deaths and the world demise all to their benefit. My advise is DON'T try and work it all out, you would be wasting your time, for what is going on is planned and you won't stop it, no one will stop it. But I tell you this… If I really could make a difference, if I could really get the REAL truth out there to you, if I could have ultimate power, then I assure you I would be setting the example to the rest of the world leaders that until we speak the truth and get rid of all nuclear weapons, and start trusting each other by actions coming from ME and THEM, then that is what I would do. But you would say that I would be crazy to trust anyone, that there are far too many mad men around, ISIS and the extremists, yes that's true, but I tell you this unless someone makes a start in setting off down the road of peace and trust, then the same old death beat will continue to be drummed out, the same old tune that the peoples of the world will follow, like a herd of sheep, following, but not knowing why. In the end, no one wins, all because no one is willing to speak the truth, no one is willing to actually do what is right. NO ONE, but me! IS THERE MORE OF ME???? That is the question. Peace to you all.

  10. Mike2020able says:

    ' Israel Joining ISIS '

  11. You are just as pathetic as your president, you have no idea what's going on. Don't worry about ISIS, they are just surviving the extermination that shiits started in Iraq and nusiris started in Syria. Worry about Russia and China that drew a red line on Syria and Iran to the US to not cross. We're on a verge of a WWIII, US Europe and Asia will be just a story of fools that people will read to their children.

  12. Dr Von says:

    voted u down for the annoying annotations

  13. you really think they takeover india too. wakeup dude.

  14. Chris is so hot. I wish he would do this naked, or send us some nude pix

  15. Oh shit do you realy beleve Osama and sowdes done this ? You fuck wit

  16. You can't send U.S. troops they are lasy mentally retarded pece loving duches that have not got there hart in killing

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