SYRIA Obama says ASSAD must go PUTIN say ASSAD stays Brink World War 3 Breaking News October 4 2015


SYRIA ASSAD says Obama must go PUTIN say ASSAD remains Brink War 3 World Breaking News October 4, 2015 .. .


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  2. NIjat Tunyaz says:

    fuck RT media propaganda

  3. why is putin so in love with assad

  4. isis army  lol a convoy of cars ,,,,let the tyres down

  5. Russian doing great job

  6. Simplesteed says:

    when Isis is done what are we going to do about the extremist Muslims in Europe and USA who have been recruiting Isis supporters. Islam is a bigger threat then I thought it was.

  7. Richard Head says:

    finally a US official who makes sense

  8. gogu gogu says:

    America  it  terrorist  pay  mony  for  terorizm

  9. Pete Boro says:

    Their was no ISIS pre Iraq Libya Invasions, none .

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