Syria, the Debt Ceiling & World War 3

0 Jack Lew, the secretary of the United States Treasury earlier this week warned politicians not to fool around with the raising of the debt ceiling, if we don’t borrow more money our credit might get downgraded again and destabilize the markets. Politics ain’t got time for dat cuz A – they are on vacation B – Someone just used chemical weapons in Syria. America has a new hard rule since post 9/11, if someone has, might have, used, used or it looks like they used chemical weapons, we then punish them. So now that that has happened in Syria, it’s a main focus. Some people say Assad committed war crimes by using the weapons, Assad says he didn’t do it the rebels did, some say shadow parties did it to pave the way for a Qatar pipeline. So now it’s high drama. Russia has basically said that if the USA attacks Syria, WWIII would begin. Crazy times indeed.


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