Syria to escalate into World War 3


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  1. Yes, I know it will happen sooner or later but there is still a small chance that we can still save the USA. We need a revolution, thats what we need.

  2. Anti Troll says:

    Not just in the USA but Canada latina America and Europe

  3. Amin Seyed says:

    i quit smoking today cuz i want to tell the story of WW3 to media in 2065..

  4. Brad Fissore says:

    You clearly do not understand what you are talking about..
    look up the petro dollar, and the influence the US had on that before you talk

  5. I started smoking something real good, and tell the story that soon the tectonic plates are going to shift. Which is the reason why ww3 either cant happen or is interrupted. Added to that we shift back to february. And to close it off, anything happening in the period of feb to oct this year will happen in the exact way again. I need another smoke, this was good stuff.

  6. One of the reasons why there is so much emphasis that its in the news is to distract us from the news we should receive regarding the things happening that build up the war. We only see some unrest here and there.

  7. Jagoe Martin says:

    Israel is the turning point. They decide whether the world will going to fall into the last Great War

  8. they need this war in order to bring in their messiah (the christian anti-christ).
    w w w


  10. the Enterprize is not effective any more,,,Assad will fall and Iranian people will rise up and all will be good…

  11. jas22 says:

    a revolution for WHAT??? thats what i want to ask anyone who thinks they know what hundreds of millions of people need to do. what would we change? should we become communist?

  12. jas22 says:

    this situation will NOT result in WWIII. im not saying it isnt possible, but fear mongers act up with EVERY crisis and take the opportunity to sell panic and fear.

  13. To revolt against government. The actions they take are taking are putting the USA in danger.

    Just a wild guess.

  14. Don't cry over Libya's dictator. America rules despite how much you pussies cry.

  15. jas22 says:

    think carefully when you see videos like this. i do not imply that you are ignorant. what im saying is that videos like this, with their dramatic background music and dire warnings, succeed when they convince people that the sky is falling. theres too much to discuss in this comment box. just consider that the makers of this video also might have some agenda – an agenda of fear. im sure someone associated with this is selling a book or advertising on their website….

  16. What a douche!!!! You are nothing but a predator feeding on the mentally challenged to cause panic and induce fear.

  17. likeabossbs says:

    FUCK u Obama and his fans, u son of a bitch(Obama) u created all of this shit, ur a fkin retard don't know shit about being president, u should shut the FUCK up and take OF UR COUNTRY fkin retard, son of a bitch, piece of fkin kit kat bitch whore motherfucker

  18. they are all laying they juste want oil

  19. They want to get rid of Assad so they can get the muslem brotherhood in.Then Israel will be surrounded on all sides

  20. DarkHorseI says:

    You totally called it….it does take awhile for things to start rolling, but you could tell it was coming…

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