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Creepy, Disturbing Weapons NOW Being Used on The Masses

Creepy, Disturbing Weapons NOW Being Used on The Masses

truther July 3, 2014 0

DARPA along with many other technologically advanced government run companies are developing disturbing psychotropic and neurological weaponry that can manipulate the minds of millions. These highly advanced technologies include mind-reading binoculars, mind-controlling helmets, satellite

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Elites Announce Post Gadhafi Hit List

truther October 22, 2011 4

This will make your blood boil if it’s not already. News “source” outlets like AP and Reuters are owned propaganda mouthpieces for the elite controllers. Whatever they put out, especially in profiling pieces like this,

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Qaddafi the Jew, the Rothschilds & the Mossad

Pakalert July 25, 2011 9

Colonel Gaddafi’s close ties to the Rothschild family and the Mossad make complete sense when we consider the fact that he is a Jew, the son of a Jewish mother, according to a report

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CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: The Plutocrat’s Poodle

Pakalert April 26, 2011 1

Fareed Zacharia's demeanor engenders an aura of intellectual sophistication but his intentions are simply the maintenance of financial plutocracy. Don't be duped by this low-level errand boy to financial power

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Muslim Brotherhood- Illuminati Tools

Pakalert February 6, 2011 6

In his book "Hostage to Khomeini," Robert Dreyfuss gave a pretty accurate rendering of the MB in 1980, which as I have witnessed, is common knowledge in high government, diplomatic and Intelligence circles: "The real

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If Obama Could Keep America First!

Pakalert December 29, 2010 1

The headline is not meant to imply that I think he will. As things are he can’t because of the stranglehold on American policy for Israel/Palestine of the Zionist lobby and its stooges in

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SHOCKER: US State Department ‘cleared’ the release of Wikileaks documents published so far

Pakalert December 4, 2010 4

Wikileaks does not make the material it receives available directly to the public. They are first censored by New York Times and several other prominent newspapers. Only 623 documents out of alleged 250,000 have

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The Media & Political Mind Control

Pakalert December 3, 2010 3

Today the realms of politics, commercial advertising, and news and entertainment media are surrounded by all methods of persuasion-techniques to make people believe either on conscious or unconscious levels. This fact, shall not come

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Video: Bombs, Body Scans and Israel

Pakalert November 23, 2010 2

Americans face more loss of rights and a draconian invasion of privacy from the Zionist dominated government. Sooner or later Americans need to wake up to the real cost of supporting the criminal state

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Israel Is America’s Worst Enemy

Pakalert October 10, 2010 3

The arrest by the FBI of Elliot Doxer, a financial employee of the Cambridge-based Akamai Technologies, Inc. for trying to sell company secrets to officials of the Israeli Consulate in Boston has once again

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EXPOSED: This is how Israel controls your media EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS

Pakalert October 9, 2010 9

Once you have watched this all should be clear to you! Always question the mainstream media and why their news is being reported. There is always an agenda and there is always censorship and

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In 1932, Fox Helped Make Propaganda Films for Hitler

Pakalert October 2, 2010 0

Observers of the current US election season have noted the prominent role of Rupert Murdoch’s reactionary Fox News Channel, which currently employs GOP and “Tea Party” partisans Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Mike Huckabee, Newt

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