Teacher Shows a Better Way to Deal With an Uncooperative Student — Instead of VIOLENTLY Abusing Them!

A post on Twitter by user Damito Jo (@kiaspeakes) showed on Thursday how the violent incident at Spring Valley High School —in which a white “school safety” officer brutalized a teenage black girl — could have gone differently.

Teacher Shows a Better Way to Deal With an Uncooperative Student Instead of VIOLENTLY Abusing Them

“A former co-worker just shared this,” wrote Damita Jo. “This is how good teachers respond to what happened at #springvalleyhigh.”

The post said:

About 90 minutes ago, I was observed by my principal. A student had his phone out, I asked him quietly to put it away. He told me he couldn’t. I immediately thought about “the situation.” I asked him if he was ok, he told me no and burst into tears. He walked out of the room, I contemplated following him. I was being observed after all. I followed my heart though. The young man’s brother was killed last night. I told him to write me a letter and express all his pain and use whatever words he wanted to express. He did it and I wrote back. It took me two minutes. When he walked out today, he said “I love you, Mrs. Turner-Swift. Thanks for listening to me.” I really only gave him maybe five minutes of my time. That’s all he needed; that’s why I teach!

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