Teen Interviews Navy Vet Who Was Pulled Over By SWAT Tank

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A man named Lucas Jewell flipped the bird at a camouflaged SWAT tank scuttling through suburbs of Gainesville, Florida on Saturday.

Teen Interviews Navy Vet Who Was Pulled Over By SWAT Tank

Although not recommended, it’s certainly within one’s rights. But deputies with tanks, vests, gear, weapons and other goodies want to pounce – so they make stuff up.

Rights don’t matter. So they talk of launching an “investigation” for “improper hand signals” and...having fellatio performed. As if this were not punishment enough, they let him know that the cell phone resembles a firearm that it’s not a “tank” but an armored personnel carrier. Newsflash: those are designed for battle.

Here’s the original video with the interview down below. You can read the original story at Photography Is Not a Crime (PINAC):

It is quite obvious why the tank pulled him over. The condescension alone is sickening, and this department should be replaced. One wonders whether the officer would like to have false accusations thrown at him from behind a tank such as the status of his mental health or whether or not something is being compensated for.

Before letting Jewell go, the deputy who has compelled him to stop recording, eviscerates him some more by talking to him not only as a “daddy” but as a drill sergeant. He forces Jewell to answer yes to his chiding questions (which are aimed at submission) and insults him further by accusing his girlfriend of performing sex acts all while Jewell was driving and giving the bird. He forces him to agree like a twisted Dale Carnegie out of hell. He graciously allows him to escape charges for fellatio – are charges even possible for that? And do you want this in your neighborhood?? It is menacing and unacceptable to be paying for this shit.

Use the contact below to let the Sheriff’s department know that this is not wartime on Americans. That Americans are flipping the bill and paying fines and tickets. This treatment is unacceptable and is usually seen against enemies in occupied territories.

Andrew Demeter of Teen Take caught up with Jewell for the following interview to ask him about what happened:

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