Teen Model Factory of Russia – Full Documentary


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  1. Silver Mirai says:

    Instead of producing engineers, scientists, doctors, software developers, you know, fulfilling careers that actually contribute to the world in a real way and develop the mind of those who pursue them. But no, siberia is fucking producing 15 years old whores for pedos. Congrats putin, you fucking did it.

  2. Njenga John says:

    She is super talented

  3. Great documentary, this really bring a different angle into modeling career. It looks so glamorous but there are lot of sweat and blood behind the scenes.

    Anyone notice the magic hour in the background at 40:xx mins? So beautiful, it is stunning.

  4. random07_07 says:

    the girl at 25:53 looks like Barbara Palvin (well younger version)

  5. "….Russian dream.." sounds kinda like the american dream no?

  6. the girls so conscious about losing a couple cm, when she looks like a breath of wind would crack her off…. depressing.

  7. they do that in America, ''Toddlers in Tiaras'', etc.

  8. lflower101 says:

    why are they 13 and look 19

  9. 09:16 Tigran looks like Cenk Ukgur.

  10. You should watch the movie "girl model" to see how these agencies guys take advantage of those poor girls and devastate their dreams after taking advantage of them.

  11. It is not a modeling. It is escort services and prostitution.

  12. Cat Eyes says:

    I bet Reggie got hit on constantly during filming, he's way hot.

  13. is this a porn video?

  14. People have no idea what it is like to live in a country like that… You should be glad you live in america or whatever.. because you have no idea, and you never will…..

  15. Shawn Chun says:

    This guy who is choosing people during the "Model showcase" is a dirt bag

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