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Hollywood was a dream dreamt by Jews”. From Hollywood to Zion. From Russian Communists to New York immigrants and Zionist settlers. The Jewish elite …


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    Western governments have bombed, invaded and destroyed many countries. They have murdered hundreds of thousands of men, women and children destroying the lives of millions. But the Zionist dominated media focuses mainly on "Islamist Extremists“ and "Muslim Terror Attacks”. Many of these attacks are actually carried out by the Zionist state and its agents in order to generate fear and hatred against Muslims.

    Messages were sent to Israelis on 9/11 warning them of the attacks two hours in advance.

    Three Israelis were seen celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11 as they documented the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. An APB was then issued for their arrest. One truck bomb exploded on King Street, another was reported on the George Washington Bridge. When the van seen in New Jersey was stopped a few hours later, five Israelis were found inside along with traces of explosives, cameras, flight tickets and thousands of dollars in cash. They all worked for Urban Moving Systems – a MOSSAD front company. 60 more Israelis were arrested in the months after 9/11 as part of an investigation into the massive Israeli spy-ring operating within the United States.

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