Texas officials: ‘Obama to blame for swine flu outbreak from illegal migrants’ — Mass graves readied

Shepard Ambellas

New wave of bio-terror to shock the populace

It has now been openly admitted that two illegal migrant children, housed in U.S. military camps, have been infected with the H1N1 swine flu virus so feared by many. However, some believe that the Dept. of Defense in conjunction with the Dept. of Homeland Security have actually shipped in these migrants from South America and may have orchestrated such an outbreak to create a new state of terror in the minds of Americans.

Texas officials ‘Obama to blame for swine flu outbreak from illegal migrants’ — Mass graves readied

Shockingly, the Daily Mail reported:

Border guards in Texas are on high alert after two child immigrants were confirmed to have swine flu following their interception trying to cross the border from Mexico.

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The minors were diagnosed with the highly-contagious H1N1 virus on Friday at two separate military detention facilities in Brownsville, Texas.

Both centres, at Brownsville and nearby Fort Brown, were today on lockdown as border officials scrambled to contain a potential outbreak, placing some 120 people who came in contact with the juveniles in isolation.

It comes days after Texas officials renewed demands that the federal government take further steps to secure the border as waves of illegal immigrants are turning military bases into makeshift settlements.

If you remember, the 2009 H1N1 pandemic outbreak prompted a beta test of a World Health Organization mandated pandemic level 6 martial law — the idea was to see just how fast the virus would spread throughout the CONUS and also how the general populace would react to such a pandemic outbreak.

Moreover, mass graves have been preinstalled in cemeteries throughout the U.S. in case a future pandemic scenario were to occur. In fact, on March 25, 2009, Shepard Ambellas exposed the sinister operation on Infowars and the Alex Jones Show, breaking it worldwide.

It has also been reported that Texas officials are blaming the president for the crisis. However, the show is likely all smoke and mirrors.


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  1. Kelly says:

    I personally believe that this whole immigration fiasco has been purposefully engineered for no other reason than to give Obama the excuse he needs to declare martial law!

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