The 12 Principles of Enslavement

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Dragan Matijevic

There were always people who wanted to control others and by imposing their will secure their existence, materially and spiritually. There were always spiritual guides who wanted nothing but the best for their students and then there were guides who used their students for their own gains. Whether talking of secular or religious world, principles of controlling others are very similar, it’s all about disconnecting people from their source, from God, disconnecting people form each other, and about taking control of their mind.

The 12 Principles of Enslavement

Generally, we people are very uncertain as to what are we doing in this world, of what we really want, of who we really are. Deep down we feel insecure, confused and disconnected and this makes us frightened. This is a fertile ground for the manipulators of the world to work on.

Principle 1: Creating Fear, Ignorance and Confusion

The first principle of enslavement would be one of furthering of fear, ignorance and confusion. This is done by distracting the people and by lying to them about anything that matters in life.

This is the principle of spreading of ignorance, distraction and destruction that is widely practiced in the cult* that is our society at large. The belief behind this principle is that people’s spiritual dimension is the greatest obstacle to a totalitarian control and it has to be annihilated. This is done by keeping the masses confused and ignorant of their true nature, by bombarding them with all types of distractions (popular culture, trivia, greed, fear, useless education, drugs, pornography, war…) and by destroying everything that is of life-enhancing value using any means possible, especially genocides.

Principle 2: Winning the Battle for Attention

The second principle is one of attraction and motivation. You have to attract and win at any cost people’s attention and motivate them to do what you want them to do. This is again implemented by way of deception and by carrot and stick method. The motivation is created by using Promise of Perfection, by promising the crowds a perfect life, a dream life, such as the American Dream. In a secular world the Promise of Perfection is all about sex and money, in a spiritual world it is salvation from suffering, perfect peace, security, abundance and happiness. Those are the carrots, the stick is fear, installing fears in people, such as fear from poverty, hunger, loneliness, hell….

Principle 3: Creating & Providing for Needs

Manipulators know that there is also the all important principle of needs; they know that they have to appear to be providers, providing for people’s material and spiritual needs, such as the need to belong and to socialise, the need for intimacy, need for a family and home, for bliss, protection, love… At the same time the herd instincts are fostered, conformity to the imposed and established norms, and thus the fear of being different are encouraged. People are cajoled to make a conscious or unconscious pledge of obedience to those norms and throw to the wind their responsibility, their autonomy, their ability to think for themselves and thus stand alone.

Principle 4: Creating and Controlling Opposing Forces

People, once they become part of a clan, cult, society, are further kept in line by intentionally created opposing forces (republicans, democrats, communists, capitalists), by using alternative punishment and reward, criticism and praise, by setting them at war with each other so much so that those that were once brothers and sisters will turn against each other with ease. With constant frictions peace is destroyed, and ultimately, seemingly unbreakable dependence and inhuman isolation are created.

Principle 5: Creating Isolation

The willing victims, once brought into the Fold (such as newly pushed New World Order) have to be kept there. For this, there is the principle of isolation. Isolation from one’s Old Life, from one’s History, from family and friends, even isolation from one’s own common sense! This is replaced by a New Family and New Common Sense that is subjected to new ideology, often based on High Principles, usually running on the lines such as Brotherhood, Equality and Freedom, but always meaning exactly opposite of what it is being said. These new theories always sounds great to the naïve mob, but in practice they always fail miserably. However, for the purpose of the game they never fail, because their function is to enslave – the brighter the principle the darker the blind spots that it creates in its victims.

Principle 6: Imposing of Top-Down Hierarchical Authority

Then, there is the principle of unquestioned authority and rigid hierarchical top-down structure. Once in the fold the sheep have to be controlled and the power moves from the top down, only! The person on the top has to be an absolute despot, otherwise there is no real authority and no real obedience, at least according to the rules of this particular game. Each higher level within the structure has to rule the lower ones by the superior commitment and morality. The lower levels have a responsibility to admonish each other or report on each other to the higher levels, ensuring cheap and all-covering policing.

Principle 7: Setting up Bottom-Down Economy

The principle of bottom-up economy says that the wealth has to flow upward! An absolute ruler on the top has to exploit the slaves below him. Apart from breaking people’s moral fiber and squeak clean washing their brains, it is the most important fact that all the Money and all the major resources be held by the Rulers. For then they will have the power to employ and to sack, buy or sell, ANYBODY THEY WANT!

Principle 8: Secrecy

Then there is the principle of secrecy. While information about all of the activities in the structure, accurate or distorted, is programmed to reach the top of the pyramid, nothing of importance should leak downward. Ultimately, the top only knows the real purpose and the final destination. This ensures that knowledge and power always remains where it should be, at the top.

Principle 9: Making Everything Relative

In this Set-Up, it’s the principle that morality and responsibility are relative values, subject to change according to the whim from the top. The end justifies the means. Trauma is used as a tool to create more obedient subjects, all in the name of a better future. Fear (terror if need be) and guilt are applied as cohesive elements. Love and Joy are morsels to be fed in tiny doses to the obedient.

Principle 10: Control of Means of Communication and Spreading Self-promoting Propaganda

Going hand in hand with the principle of secrecy is the principle of rampant propaganda. The truth is a commodity in the hands of a few – the top of the structure, the absolute despot(s), is the only possessor of the ultimate truth of what is really going on. The despot uses propaganda to invent New Words and New Meanings. Powerful old words, like “freedom”, “love” etc. are given New Meanings and are installed from the top down to rule over actions of the lower layers. The words become the goals. Through the power of propaganda and inverted meanings human values are turned upside down; blatant truths are shouted down as lies and lies as truths, or the truth is given just a lip service.

Principle 11: Having and Imposing Absolute Confidence

Then there is the ‘I’m god’ principle, or the principle of SUPREME CONFIDENCE. The despots have to absolutely believe in themselves. Everyone else has to treat the despots as if they were gods. The fear and unquestioning adulation is the most needed food for the ‘great ones’ to carry on with their mission.

Principle 12: Being Absolutely Ruthless in Executing all the Other Principles

Finally, the principle of ruthlessness states that in order to make the manipulation work all other mentioned principles have to be implemented ruthlessly, without unduly agonising about whether they are right or wrong.

What is the ultimate goal of the ‘great ones’, the great rulers of the human times? Could it be true that they are after the evolution of mankind, as they will claim? Could it be that our governments only want us to prosper and grow into happy, proud and strong human beings?

The situation on the ground is surprisingly very different to what we are told. It’s again precisely opposite, the ones on the top set things up so that they prosper while the others slave away for them, slaves that have sacrificed their precious freedoms for the so-called Greater Good.

Countering the Principles

Our spiritual dimension, the awareness, what we really are, is the greatest obstacle to a totalitarian control. Those who want to enslave people do everything to make us ignorant and ‘disconnected’ from ourselves and everybody else. This is done daily to billions of us, by useless education, by always keeping us busy, confused, by bombarding us with violence and horror, by pornography, alcohol and drugs, by sports and entertainment, by feeding us toxins, by installing envy, guilt, greed, avarice, sloth, anger and fear.

And this is what they call POPULAR CULTURE. We’re told that people want this. Far from it!

Reject this so called culture. Educate yourself. Thinks for yourself and turn quietly to YOURSELF.

*A cult is understood as a group of people adhering to a specific and commonly accepted belief system.

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