The 60 Minutes Deception (full length, official documentary) How Clinton affects the media


Should we believe everything we hear on the news? Can we trust the national media? Are we being fed the truth or an agenda? The 60 Minutes Deception …


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  1. Clinton's=Bonney and Clyde

  2. Abiyah Rina says:

    Why is Aussie showing me a commercial with a tranny in it! I SO DON'T NEED TO SEE THAT!!

  3. Mr032409 says:

    57:49-55 …can't stop laughing! "Jesus, Mary and Joseph, wheew, wheew,wheew"

  4. Excellent video and oh so prophetic!

  5. …Wallace is just like the rest of the poppets, bought and paid for. They do & say as they are told, bunch of soulless whores!!!

  6. Mike Wallace was a rotten individual. Hope he is not resting in peace.

  7. A Merry Kin says:

    At 57:45 the bitch damn near got what she deserves.

  8. Sean Barr says:

    All you need to know about WALLACE is that he fucking supported the warren commission!! FUCK HIM I hope he had a hell of a time on the other side when he arrived!! Seriously GOD does not forgive this kind of sin so easily!

  9. lmtlsss says:

    USA. Corrupt from head to toe-tag.

  10. mogwai says:

    america is one fkd up corrupted country.

  11. D Wickman says:

    The Clintons currently have many supporters in the media complicit in aiding both Hillary and Bill  in their on going deceptions.  Hillary is a pathological liar and Bill is a charming pervert. Can anyone really trust them to keep promises of freebies for all Americans, free education and college loan forgiveness? With a 20 trillion dollar debt requiring a  1 Trillion a year in interest alone, there is no discretionary  money for all these freebies.  But who cares? These fools still believe the Clinton lies and promises!

  12. steve hale says:

    Forensic evidence does not lie. In my 28 years as a CSI, Criminal investigator and Coroner's Investigator I can tell you that a gunshot wound to the head, at close range, leaves pools of blood. Unless the victim was already dead prior to the gunshot wound. The U.S. Park Police were the last CSI investigators I would have chosen to investigate this crime. It sounds to me that the victim was already dead and therefore there would have been no massive blood deposited at the scene. Case closed.

  13. steve hale says:

    If you'd like to see how much blood comes from a head shot to a living person watch the old Tet Offensive (on film) execution of a suspected Viet Cong by Saigon's Chief of Police. It's not hard to find. The blood from a living person's head wound spurts out like a water hose. You be the judge.

  14. steve hale says:

    So far, I concur completely with all of the observations made by the retired NYPD Homicide investigator. I personally observed 400 of my own case autopsies (at least) and even though weird things can and do happen, this case stinks to high Heaven. However, it's been a long time and people have since forgotten and really don't care. At one time I did revere Mike Wallace as the man who probed and got to the truth. I now have a different opinion. When I was a young cop we called such things a "fuck story". Seemingly this is one and will probably never be solved.

  15. DJ Rodriguez says:

    Ready to Vote Trump yet? Unite behind him and don't split the vote's.

  16. TheLance3185 says:

    Nice touch at the end with the Wallace quote and stopwatch ticking.

  17. Now you know. The media has an agenda,and the truth has no place in it. This sounds like obstruction of justice, as well as total lack of journalistic integrity.
    They made their millions while feeding us lies and protecting rich criminals.
    That was the good old days. Today it's much worse. The entire media marches in lock step, perpetrating the same crimes you just saw exposed. The same crowd, the same lies, the same reasons.
    The deceivers have taken over. Don't believe anything you hear in the media.

  18. EVERYONE needs to watch this… show your friends and family

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