The Aftermath Of World Wide Nuclear War


Have you ever wondered what might happen after a global nuclear war . Watch this video and find out ! Sign up if you want more here …


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  1. Ah bless, love student narration. Only Billy Bragg can save us now!!!

  2. Well, if this happens, at least we'll go out with a 'bang'.
    A very loud, deafening bang that can blast out ear drums.
    And a blinding light.
    Talk about a Grand Finale!

  3. Matt Walker says:

    Einstein made the nuke and hes like o lets give it to the military they will do grate things with it !

  4. TheShmolon says:

    Yes i did find it interesting. Hi im Brian. I live alone.

  5. duck this ima call some aliens to abduct me jkjk ide move to Australia

  6. FroztiVapes says:

    research the dead hand

  7. Greg p says:

    Sorry to say but nuclear winter is nothing more than theory. I can't listen to this anymore…

  8. Alfie Spour says:

    Fallout 4 would happen

  9. does that mean Scotland

  10. Because war. War never changes.

  11. kevin patty says:

    finally my country is the luckiest one XD (indonesia :v)

  12. Metro 2035 confirmed

  13. COURTZ Shaw says:

    These fucking retarded 12 year old fallout fanboys who know nothing about nuclear weapons need to get off the internet. A nuclear war isn't a few pretty fireworks and then super happy fun fallout world. "Those in Hiroshima spent there last moments in pain and misery. Their flesh melted off their bones" getting the idea of what it would be like now?

  14. Well pepole of the united states pepare for the hunger games IN THE REAL WORLD?

  15. TakiTonLine says:

    I believe if Russia would destroy the US with 30% of their nuclear arsenal and Iran and China would destroy Israel in a fast blow,  Europe would capitulate the next second. Decontaminate Europe from the ruling cabal, and the world would be a better place. lol.

  16. Iran is never mentioned and they will be the ones. Isaiah 13:17-18, Revelation 18th chapter, and 2 Esdras 16 & 14 th chapter along with Isaiah 47th chapter. The government is ran by Satan himself so they don't care about people.

  17. the americans droped atomic bombs not nukes there is a very large difference

  18. Lee Johnson says:

    A Nuclear War that destroys the world could occur. If Donald Trump is Elected to the Presidency he would be authorized to launch a Nuclear Attack on Any Nation so Donald Trump would have his finger on the Atomic War Trigger and he could pull that Trigger and Destroy all life on earth. Donald Trump is an Ego Maniac that is totally Erratic. Donald Trump is  unpredictable. If Donald Trump is elected to the Presidency, he might just decide to launch a Total Nuclear Attack on Iran or some other Islamic Nation.

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