The Arrival by BLW Rap Nation


Song about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ- by the Rap Nation of Christ embassy.


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  1. Help me lord to be prepare for your coming

  2. Felix Daniel says:

    may the good God bless you guys for giving me the food for my soul this morning.oh God help to be prepared at all times.

  3. Walter Jera says:

    this is really good

  4. Uyi Samuel says:

    The Igbo rap is just too kool

  5. you people are truly blessed #I'm Inspired

  6. Samuel Dike says:

    beautiful music in my ears i lloovveedd, it did you ?

  7. Jesus is Lord of all. Great gospel rap. Wow. Inspired. Kudos to that igbo brother

  8. Jacob Obando says:

    this makes me love God even more then I ever did

  9. I keep listening to this song… it's awesome. You surely are the best rappers. Praise God Hallelua

  10. I need the lycris of song !

  11. this got me weeping ???

  12. You made me cry…. I'm melting. Thank you, God bless you!

  13. Awesome! We need more of this. the Ibo rap is off the hook

  14. Love ❤️ it so much so inspiring ????

  15. I have heard lots of gospel rap, this is the best ?????

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