The Arrival of Hell – Judgement Day – Powerful


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20 Responses

  1. David King says:

    Muslims keep Hell full. Islam is Satan army. The Bible makes it very clear.

  2. Asad M says:

    this is brainwashing at its finest. If anyone shows this to their children they should be arrested for child abuse.

  3. Yonzo Rikuo says:

    this comment section is full of heaven and hell inhabitants


  5. I used to think this is not fair for disbelievers who rejected Allah they will burn their for eternity there for being little arrogant .now I know why Allah created hell and Allah knows everything better .may Allah forgive me and because I am responsible for myself not others because Allah gave me my own eyes. brain and ear to see judge and hear.

  6. Matt Amos says:

    may jesus protect all of us from hellfire amen.

  7. This is the only reason Muslims "believe" in their retarded religion — FEAR.

  8. AFG 1979 says:

    (57) Every soul shall have a taste of death in the end to Us shall ye be brought back

  9. to Allah we belong and to Allah is the return.

  10. Sadia Nadeem says:

    This frightens me out of Sin…Big time Conversion of Moral Standards Imminent?????

  11. Roomi Althaf says:

    ya allah pls forgivw our sins

  12. Oh ALLAH protect us

  13. whupjr 22 says:

    Hell is scary.. Is it bad or haram to be scared of dying?

  14. CMIIW, i think it would be good if someone makes a short movie clip about all of these, arrival of hell, a fiery beast with 70.000 chains, arrival of dabbatul ard, the times when angel of death comes to takes a soul of disbeliever. but are we permitted to do that, for illustration and warn the people ? if we are, then lets do this man, someone has to take this 'Animation technology' to remind others for Allah.

  15. Sheik's name please?

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