The arrival of the Icelandic National football team in Iceland


Live stream from the arrival of the Icelandic National football team in Iceland back home to Iceland. Expected to start at 19:00GMT+0 / 20:00 CET.


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  1. Great football, Iceland! Greetings from Ukraine!

  2. Clorox says:

    The video starts at 21:17

  3. They say ISLAND don´t have an army…For me looks like they have it! A happy and strong Viking army! Well done ISLAND! Áfram ISLAND!

  4. Jimmy Moon says:

    Absolute phantastic Team with enthusiastic Fans…i wish you all the Best for Future. I enjoy every Match from Iceland by the EM…thanks for this…

    Great Respect from Germany

  5. See you in Russia, Iceland! But this time, you'll win the whole cup!

  6. Respect from Switzerland

  7. Great respect. WOW……! Do enjoy to hear this beautiful language as well .

  8. Alexander D says:

    Pretty girls! I think I go for 3 week to Iceland ^^

  9. Marlene Otis says:

    love you guys! You are the real winners!

  10. Rad Ab says:

    Big respect to Iceland football team and all the icelanders…

  11. S Norten says:

    Respect for the Icelandic football team

  12. SLukasz SLK says:

    Respect from Poland !! See you in Russia 2018 :)

  13. FANTASTIC… Welcome. Am so Proud of the Icelandic people.
    Love from Canada…

  14. Jacob smith says:

    Subtitles please

  15. Dim Tsant says:

    I wanted you to win! To repeat what my country did…. oh well… you were great anyway! Greetings from Greece!

  16. Iceland people YOU ARE THE COOLEST FOOTBALL FANS ON THE PLANET!!!! Everybody copies your salute now :)

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