The Arrival-The Cleaning Ball


This is a clip from the 1996 Sci-Fi film, The Arrival starring Charlie Sheen, Teri Polo, Ron Silver and Lindsay Crouse. The alien puts a copper-colored ball in …


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  1. steve66oh says:

    This was a cool scene… but could you upload the scene from the same film, where Lindsay Crouse is explaining to Charlie Sheen, about how a dozen or so CO2 monitoring stations, each recording about a 1% increase in CO2, leads her to conclude that there has been a 12% increase in CO2….

  2. Nex Wex says:

    Nice cleaning!

  3. Michael M says:

    one of my fav 90s movies, never watch part 2 is a whole new crew and its 1/10 this is a solid 8 outta 1

  4. That poor birdie. :-(

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