THE ARRIVALS ARE HERE- Huge UFOs caught on Telescope 2011



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  1. thinkofwhy says:

    lastpatriot4America is correct, these are jelly fish. Just goes to show you that if you give some people a little bit of bait on a line they can be reeled in and cooked for supper.

  2. MrRobertf222 says:

    swamp gas……..i hope !!

  3. jaredyjaredy says:

    @TrueHamal They're JELLYFISH…, My word, some people are willing to believe ANYTHING is "proof", no matter how tenuous… better watch out for that Nibiru thing that also doesn't exist….

  4. lydia2136 says:

    @jaredyjaredy Yeah and that god thing too right or do you believe in an intangable

  5. jaredyjaredy says:

    @lydia2136 No, I stopped having imaginary friends when I was five years old, like any sane human being would.

  6. sincocuerdas says:

    ignorance and arrogance……..great mix that makes for poor, un-evolved, and pathetic human beings……

  7. Brigid336 says:

    @lastpatriot4America u r too funny..jellyfish don't need back lighting… they already glow!! lol. Just drive your boat down the PAX river or the chesapeake and see!!!!….

  8. Brigid336 says:

    @sincocuerdas……hmmm, thought the song was "ebony and ivory"?? not" ignorance and arrogance"…..water has such amazing properties for refections doesn't it? :~)

  9. i want to know how far away are these ships right now

  10. Why are these images so hazy?

  11. OrionLady777 says:

    I do not think this is new. They have arrived long time ago. Some of them belong to our own elites. There have been many stories, meeting behind the scenes, negotiations, agreements between governments and them (bad guys and good guys)…The question is how this affects our daily lives as slaves on this planet. Are we the people going to dump corrupted leaders & take back the control of our planet and join the diverse community of the Galactic and Universal space fleets to explore other worlds?

  12. TheLordwook says:

    my only problem is, why is there no celestial position etc.? if we know where to look at these spacestations? tell, me where, so i can check myself?

  13. Brigid336 says:

    THERE IS NO CELESTIAL FIXED POSITIONS BECAUSE THEY are contantly shifting and on the move. Thier evolution, is not completed . They wait for a time.
    People look for proof the wind exists, that death is real,
    We need a return to litsentig to our hearts..not swayed by ourside babble.
    when we are judge, jury and executioner we learn/see nothing. When we are humble enuf to be open to see and beleive….life changes.
    love and ight

  14. Osiris Rane says:

    Deep Space? Starships? Looks more like randomly shaped translucent material with back lighting, and that is definitely not deep space…

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  17. Brigid336 says:


  18. I'm a Multi-Lingualist…LOL!

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  20. Brigid336 says:

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