The Arrivals of the Concept of Infallibility of the 12 imams


Imaam Maalik Once Maalik was asked about them and he replied, “Do not speak to them nor narrate from them, for surely they are liars.” [Minhaaj as-Sunnah …


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  1. imam malik quotd Quranic verse, "Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and those with him are harsh with disbelievers and gentle among themselves. So that the disbelievers may become enraged with them." He then said, "Whoever becomes enraged when the Sahaba are mentioned is one about whom the verse speaks.Tafser alQurtube Soorah al-Fath; Editor's note: That is, anyone who is enraged by the mention of the Sahabah is a disbeliever, becaus the verse says the disbelievers may become enraged with them

  2. MrDr77 says:

    Shiism is just another religion..keep up the great work brother…

  3. MrDr77 says:

    great job brother
    Expose shia grave worshipers

  4. who is this evil son of yazid la3anaho allah sulafi saudi

  5. wallah you are a devil all you are saying is lies like mo3awieyeh he was the biggest liar ya wahabi

  6. omer ibin al khatab is a killer and a torturer stop spreading your lies may ALLAH buckel your tongue for every verse you are translating in lies mo3awieyeh did the same in order to fool people but it did not work for too long ya son hind the flesh eater

  7. The Arrivals of the Concept of Infallibility of the 12 imams
    wallah this wahabi is the devil la3anaho ALLAH

  8. He tells the true,that you cant handle,whatch your mounth,
    the curse ,,la3anaho ALLAH,, is coming back to you and fast.
    dont you afraid of Allah swt .

  9. Abe Parker says:

    a lone lady with strong convictions and perhaps a leeeetle bit too emotional, funny all these clearly fabricated words of the imams (perhaps not bukhari, he doesnt even have the courage to mention imam ali a,s by name, or hardly) but none of you including your anti-spiritual masters the salafi wahabis have the courage to say openly the shia are kaafir and prevent them from haj, duplicitous breed indeed!!

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