The Arrivals Part 07 (The Pharaohs of Today) – Malay Sub


A documentary about the comings of the Antichrist / Dajjal, Imam Mahdi, and the second coming of Jesus (Nabi Isa). A very powerful and unprecedented …


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  1. saya ada soalan..burj khalifah selalu diselutupi kabus sebab awan…sebab tu kita selalu nampak dia kabus…jadi…ape kena mengenanya dengan gambar tu..??

  2. Wow! How did Pharaohs got that power to build these Pharaohs temples to Muslim countries? I heard that owners of these places are Western Christians. I also heard the owners are Credit Card Companies. I bet it is the American Corporations own these places. I use to think Pharaohs were gone.

  3. This is crazy wAllahi just pray to Allah all almighty to save you inshAllah

  4. Anna Hamdan says:

    Saya tengok berpuluh puluh kali, memang ada bukti about paraouh or firaun….

  5. what is the theme of this song?????

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