The Arrivals Part 10 (New Wordly Order) – Malay Sub


A documentary about the comings of the Antichrist / Dajjal, Imam Mahdi, and the second coming of Jesus (Nabi Isa). A very powerful and unprecedented …


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  1. Djeef Nyembo says:

    That is true if u think about it we are slaves on our everyday life activities that involves making them money. Now watching matrix is very interesting that it compares to the real world today really weird though lol god bless u my friend.

  2. p.e. i says:

    not really buying this one…this stinks of jew hate… some other agenda here..not just information about dajjal etc…these guys are tryin to tear down the truthin an attempt to destroy the evil..

  3. kobesaa says:

    Wonder why? 1st, he doesnt generalise things.
    2nd, zionists did 9/11, zionists kill palestinians and arabs all day everyday, with fosfor bombs, kills civilians in innocent waters, owns media and uses it for their evil interests, not caring about a millions of peoples death. Iraq invasion? Oil. And defend ISRAEL..

    So shut the fuck up

  4. p.e. i says:

    ok here we go with the un substansiated ,made up statements .. kinda like the palisinian text books that tell they're kids(and i mean kids…under 8yrs old) to kill christians and jews; and then deny that the text book say that..but i have seen them..they also deny that they are in the schools ,but the books are still being printed an distributed.. …this cat that just posted is full of b.s. he wont be happy till all jews and christians are dead and he has his virgins.

  5. Don Nilo says:

    Why there is no part of 9 and 11??are youtube removed it?why 9and

  6. GixxxerKim says:

    3:30 but isn't believing that the NEXT world is the one you need to live for, a way of making THIS life insignificant? It makes the yin and yang VERY meaningful at this point. Where there is a light there is a dark, and there is both within each. Embracing the WHOLE then becomes the more reasonable thing to do. Enjoying this life as a gift we have given ourselves, and embracing what comes as well. Peace.

  7. GixxxerKim says:

    6:29 where is this next clip from? It runs into the 9 min mark. It is incredible!

  8. try download the hole Series its better yes youtube removes some Clips

  9. ThePIKE26 says:

    people have to wake up…this whole plan is going on since 100s of years and they know exactly how to manipulate people!! the first step of awakening is knowledge and being aware of what is going on on this planet. this information is very important to start to free yourself from that prison for your mind!!! but most important….KEEP GOD FIRST! AMEN!

  10. jakewer says:

    Facebook to check out! look 4 PROUD JUDAH

  11. jakewer says:

    Facebook to check out! look 4 PROUD JUDAH

  12. DAFUQ? Seriously please give my precious time back! Don't even know why I'm watching this….

  13. Mobstar says:

    perhaps you should go back to xtube where you can continue to waste more of your precious time.

  14. and the beast that u just saw was and was not, and shall descend into the depths of ur subconscious

  15. Ibnu Siena says:

    American said: everything plan.

  16. strozey says:

    anyone know the title of the animated clip that starts at 6:27?

  17. michi k says:

    one of the best docus hands down

  18. damn it, ive gone down the dark youtube hole again

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