The Arrivals – Part 17 (War On Terror)


The Arrivals – Part 17 (War On Terror)


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  1. kobesaa says:

    Thats George Bush sr, whose forefathers were doing business with Hitler along with the Rockefellers and Rothschilds


  3. from 4.42 until 5.00 is actually showing that bush is lying. he said he saw the first plain hit WTC live on TV, but actually , only second plan was shown live. No such thing first plan was shown live. It is SO OBVIOUS HE KNEW ABOUT 9/11 COS HE WAS A PART OF THE PEOPLE WHO PLANNED IT

  4. @TagzBloody yes, it is you tube job. I watched this, before this it got audio. YT is also the illuminmati. how incredible truth has these people shown in this video. I knew about Illuminati through Michael Jackson, cos he is also againts this devils.

  5. Dan Williams says:

    @roblou62 the united states empire never really broke with the british empire; note how they all bow to the queen and the pope.

  6. Dan Williams says:

    @girlycajun I think Hitler wrote the "Patriot Act" He sure did like the Rockefellers American Eugenics Society.

  7. girlycajun says:

    Respond to this video… Incredible video. Thank you so much.

  8. girlycajun says:

    @roblou62 Because from a very young age, we were taught that patriotism is equal to Godliness. And evil people will push the patriot issue all the way. Patriot's Act, etc. We will get even worse. "They" can enter our homes without a warrant now. We are under siege.

  9. @roblou62 Let me just give you a little bit of insight on why. People stopped caring, especially the younger generation. It starts of small, like hurting someone's feelings, "Oh, I don't care!" A girl's boyfriend cheating on her, he'll say, "Oh, I don't care anymore!" Bus driver leaves an elderly woman just before she can get to the bus stop, "I don't care, I stopped!"

    I too am victim of this "attitude", seems small but this attitude has spread like wildfire. Keep on not caring…

  10. roblou62 says:

    What is really sad about all this is it is nearly 10 years later and still, nothing has be done but suppression. People are in such a state that no one is able to do anything at all about this but comment. This country started on the basis of having a free land, for the people and by the people. I guess it was a good idea on paper but it never quiet made it to reality. We left a country because of it's ruling class now we are in one even worse. How could this be and we let it be. How?

  11. roblou62 says:

    @tommyaceshow Tom I don't want to pile another comment on you but, you must be very young or something, not your fault. What you have seen in this little clip, just this one, is true and accurate. You don't even have to google. The airspace over the United States and the premise that we never had an outside invasion on our land has been proudly held for two hundred years. Tell me, why in 2001 with advanced technology, this happened? Impossible my friend. It was our own people.

  12. roblou62 says:

    @tommyaceshow There were new events that happened that day that you will never see again. Like the FEMA group saying they were only told to arrive MONDAY night for something on Tuesday. The NORAD testing on the same day. Which confused many servicemen, they didn't know if it was real or fake. The positioning of the President NOT to be in DC. The 5 o'clock collapse of a building not hit at all. I'm from NY these buildings do not burn. Steel and concrete on fire. How sad this all is.

  13. Shak Khan says:

    @tommyaceshow nice thought mate but be realistic. these freemasons are extremely good at what they are doing!

  14. @tommyaceshow nice fairy tale(=

  15. lies lies lies, but this is the truth…

  16. MZPE3 says:

    @sonusanat hey! if you think its propaganda so dont watch it and shut ur mouth!!!

  17. Raffe Karim says:

    The wakeuproject, and the Arrivals people are trying to show the thruth to us

  18. Sanath M says:

    yes you are right,i think it is propaganda

  19. thats the truth of what they are

  20. Sanath M says:

    haha do people have time to watch these propaganda

  21. but if that is true then what can we grasp on to cause that means we cannot believe this, people have to learn on there own and make their own choice on what to believe and what not to, i do think Clockburn was right but it was very idealistic, we are prone to influence from the moment we are born, its only later in life where we develop the ability to decipher what we (as in yourself) can or want to believe

  22. Iqra Q says:

    go to google and search it. the papers on there

  23. Ahmad Ismail says:

    lol u know something. the dude tryna prove bin laden is tim osman with paper and stuff surely need a better handwriting :. cant see a thing dude

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