The Arrivals Part 24


Wake up brothers and sisters.


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  1. History is replete with examples of social organizations that failed to perceive the realities of a changing environment & didn't adapt in time to prevent calamity. Hubris and a self-reinforced dynamic of mass delusion characterize the waning phases of these once powerful groups & nations.

    In hindsight we ask, "What were they thinking? Wasn't the situation obvious to everyone? The evidence is so clear!" Here's the question we should ask next: "Is history now repeating itself?"

  2. bigcree says:

    Very Good! All that is needed is WILL. And Hunger for REALITY!

  3. lond87 says:

    yeh the truth is god..the only shield

  4. this is sooo good man

  5. Three says:

    Nice speech! 😛

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