The Arrivals – Part 26 (The Antichrist – Dajjal is Here)



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  1. @FlawlessVicktory What ARE you talking about? Allah is not a prophet he is God. Keep your ignorance to yourself until you at least know the basics, you know nothing.

  2. Mufasa Soy says:


    All may NOT be true, but their intentions are towards truth which is all that matters:)
    Don't forget evil people present you 9 truth 1 lie, which eats up all the truth and people believe it.

  3. Faisal Akram says:

    please tell me which sound tracks are used in the background please when they shot Jhon F kennedy…please tell me………………

  4. @youshajra well said brother

  5. fmujic89 says:

    where can i find this video bohemian grove and the other bilderberg group this stuff is really hard to find ?

  6. pinball281 says:

    nice one, in my home town today they were giving out free translations of the koran wich i wanted sice watching the arrivals, i already have abible so now need to get an english version of the torah just as amatter of interest.LIfe is alesson afterall and we are students in class

  7. SouthApe says:

    i didnt get the formula, y divide 4?

  8. Ey Leute wie heftig guckt mal euch mal Rihanna-RudeBoy an ihr wisst ja zeichen der Freimaurer sind der Judenstern,das Auge und Pyramiden und jetzt achtet bei diesem Lied auf den Hintergrund von 0:35 und 0:42 ey da sind juden sterne, augen und pyramiden ist das nur ein zufall wie heftig hab ich zufällig entdeckt Oo

  9. DarkStarAZ says:

    I once cross-country skiid thru the woods naked. Was a warm day in Tahoe and I had a bota bag of wine etc…

  10. DivineSolja says:

    @pinball281 same bro i got me a koran and want to get a tora i already have a bible tho…. 🙂

  11. "you took an understanding before you went in there that you would not due that film and you violated it. I do not respect you for that" UMMMMM, WOW!!!! That pretty much sums it up!!

  12. gozolavida says:

    @SouthApe Yes why 4? is it cause there are 4 weeks in a month? shouldn't it be 7 (7 days?)

  13. hbk711x says:

    Isn't Hussein malking a major mistake, the sahabas asked about the SAlat time during the day being like a year, meaning the salat time would be effected, but the way he described it and the 1000 years eauling one year isn't connected by a hadith it doesn't connect ot the other parts of the Sunnah!
    Its looks like a false lead.

  14. zaehet says:

    your trying to tell me after i watched all this stuff, its another one of those religion conspiracies? cool ideas at the start man, but here is where i stop… take a look, and gtfo. all religions and theologies are MAN MADE. early man trying to make sence of a world that they cannot understand. fuck you and your religions, there is no GOD, quit asking GOD for help when all you have ever needed is yourself. yes i believe there is a creator, but that its too immense to even fathom.

  15. @myhowmad hmm i smell zionist?

  16. Taju Atuh says:

    @myhowmad hmm yes i smell a zionist too.

  17. towhid khan says:


    relax no one is blaming you.

  18. shebzydon says:

    @myhowmad- keep your filth to yourself, keep talking like that, you're gonna end up somewhere you are not going to like at all, believe me (or not).

  19. @myhowmad lol. looks lyk u were searching (Dajjal is here) on youtube and by mistake got to this video u fukking zionist

  20. Why do we slaughter each other and not the enemy?

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